Cats' A. B. C, by Juliet Clutton-Brock, Beverley Nichols

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I picked this and its sequel up for cheap several years ago from a secondhand bookstore that was going out of business, but it's taken me until now to attend to it. I read most of the book with one cat beside me and the other cat purring contentedly on my lap while I chuckled and chortled away at Beverley Nichols's astute and loving observations of cats amid his beautifully poetic prose. I have no doubt that Mr Nichols and I would have been firm friends; there's something quite irresistible about a man who loves cats and classical music and gardening.

pattydsf's review

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Much too cute for my taste. Only finished this because it was 124 pages.

I suspect that Nichols would now consider me to be a non-F since I was not fond of his book. I consider myself to be an F until the cat in my life tells me otherwise.

I have to come back to this review and say a bit more about my reaction to this book. I try not to let an author's personal life affect how I see his or her writing. I understand that people can be excellent writers and I don't have to agree with their politics or general view of life.

However, sometimes I just can't turn off my reaction to how the author and I differ. There is a popular Young Adult author that I have stopped reading because the author appears anti-glbqt. I always enjoyed the author's novels, but now I am uncomfortable with his stance and the fact he writes for YAs.

With Nichols, I have learned that his non-fiction was at times made up and he took credit for items he did not write. It may have been okay in Nichols' era, but to me, it just seems wrong. Also he does not appear to have been a very kind man. Now I am sure I could be mistaken about all of this, but I have to say that the cute cat book and this author seem like a real mismatch to me. I can't get my head around the combination. And so, I am not intending to read any more by Nichols.

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Re-read. A little dated, more than a little twee but still a sweet paean to the cat in general, Nichols' cats in particular.