Through the North Pole Snow, by Polly Faber

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The story is simple but dear in this Christmas book, but the illustrations of the fox won me entirely. Despite the simple block colors in most of the book, the small white fox feels as alive as the most realistic drawing. Perhaps more so, since the mind fill in so many details.

Speaking of details, all of them in this book are perfect. A careful reader will see evidence of Santa's affection for the fox growing when they notice how many "toy foxes" Santa is making or spot the photograph of Santa and the Fox beside his chair. 

Seeing the little fox be so loved after being so alone is a beautiful holiday message, but I particularly like it because it is a quiet and even lonely book. So many are lonely this time of year, and this is a book about it being okay to have just one person, one home, to count on. For so many people, that is enough.