My Reminiscences (Standard Ebooks) by Rabindranath Tagore

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inspiring reflective fast-paced


The child makes its own what it understands, while that which is beyond leads it on a step forward.

unsurprisingly tagore's memoir transcends the expectation of an account of sequential events but instead is a masterpiece in itself, a philosophical oeuvre tracing the soul of an artist from nascence and beyond. looking back on childhood's days the thing that recurs most often is the mystery which used to fill both life and world -- this mystery is what tagore holds onto, the moments that he recreates for us the most: his relationship with the outside world, one of longing, barred as he was by the servants who kept him in place; his curiosity of the zenana, peeking through the interstices for a glimpse beyond the purdah; his naivete, believing that letters can simply be delivered by handing them to mahanada, believing the teachings of the magic 'professor', and even later, failing to notice when a train reached the last stop and began to return to its destination. he does not look back on such moments with contempt, but rather embraces them, embraces the existence of the unknown, and the importance of having the unknown -- it is the hunger to really see which drives people to travel to strange places. tagore highlights the necessity to disconnect from expectations of perfection, of solutions, of finding the 'correct' path, and instead to connect with the Self, of treating the world as a child would with sand or stones or shells or whatever they can get. he leads his life amongst the strings of the harp of the universe, creating his art as he explores each chord around him.