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The Fine Print, by Lauren Asher

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I should’ve DNFed this book. I didn’t think I would like it after my experience with Throttled, and I should’ve listened to myself. I actually don’t have anything good to say, and I will be using the word “weird” a lot in this review, but not in the cool-hot-girl-book way. 

The attempts at diversity felt forced, weird, and underdeveloped. I was left feeling really uncomfortable with pretty much every attempt this book had at diversity. I also predicted this book would have fatphobia, and lo and behold, the first fatphobic comment is at 9%. I also hate the “my ex used to call me fat” thing so much. 

The writing was flat and immature. Sentences were unnecessarily wordy, making them hard to follow. I’m also over books relying on text messages. Speaking of text messages, the whole “catfishing my employee thing” was really weird. Rowan is controlling and manipulative from the start in a way that made it impossible to suspend disbelief and go with it. Also, who the hell talks to their boss like that? 

Rowan is a bad dude, Zahra is insufferable, and they have no chemistry. Like at all. Rowan is gross for so many reasons (the way he treats Zahra, his polices and practices). I don’t think there’s a single chapter where Zahra doesn’t cry. I’ve never disliked a book boyfriend or a book couple more. 

The characters are not well developed. I don’t think the author had a good grasp of who the characters are, which would make it impossible for the reader. The timeline was also impossible to follow, which certainly did not help. 

Also the condom thing at the end? Really fucking weird.

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