Champions #1, by Eve L. Ewing

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CHAMPIONS #1, available this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, is the turning point for many young heroes in the Marvel Universe. Thanks to Kamala’s Law, they are again being hunted as vigilantes, forcing every one of them to make a difficult decision.

It all started in Outlawed*, where the Champions’ simple mission went horribly wrong, causing serious damage to heroes, students, and buildings alike. One of the most famously injured even got a law named after her.

Granted, Kamala isn’t exactly the sort to be happy about that particular law. In Ms. Marvel #14, fans get an inside look at how she reacted to all of the news she missed out on while she was temporarily out of action.

Like the Superhuman Registration Act, this is an event that will define the heroes that come through it. Underage heroes have limited options. They can retire (until they are of age), they can sign up with an approved hero (likely a shortlist), or they can fight. Enter Champions #1, where the heroes of this generation step up to make their decisions.

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