When One Person Dies The Whole World Is Over, by Mandy Ord

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This one was unfortunately a miss for me - I was so intrigued by the premise, a cartoon diary capturing each day in an everyday life (the author’s life) for an entire year. The idea of celebrating and finding meaning in the intimate and ordinary acts we come across in a day was a great concept, but tracing this over an entire year felt exhausting to read and I admittedly lost focus with it. While this didn’t work for me I have seen a lot of commentary praising this aspect of the book so please do check out other reviews if this book interests you.

While I assume it was as part of the broader picture to capture the true ‘everyday,’ I don’t feel the need to read about people going to the toilet - some people may love that this was included, I felt like it was an overshare that took away from some of the more pressing insights into mental health and relationships and social commentary. I thought these parts of the narrative were great and prompt some important discussions.

It also could be a product of me reading the ebook version, but I found some of the text difficult to read in some of the frames.

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I was really excited to see this on the Stella longlist for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the first graphic novel to make the list—how amazing is that? And secondly, I got to sit with Mandy Ord and watch her draw as a volunteer a few years back at MWF, so it was nice to see her name on the list.

I liked this from the get go. Mandy is incredibly honest and raw. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and that’s always refreshing to see. This is a really sincere depiction of mental health—you have bad days and they don’t always make sense. This just really reminded me that sometimes things are rough, but you just keep going—I really needed that this week. It’s also really funny. I definitely snorted at this book more than I have at any book in a really long time.

With all of that being said, I didn’t anticipate feeling how I did at the end of the book. I closed the last page and promptly burst into tears. I cried for a good solid twenty minutes, and even as I’m writing this review hours later, I can feel the tears welling up again.

So I guess this is another favourite to come out of this years list.

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funny reflective relaxing slow-paced


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A sweet, funny, and sometimes sad meditation on life. I had a nice little morning routine with this book for the last week of reading a month or two before getting on with the day, and I loved having these little meditations and moods with me as I was waking up and figuring out what the day would be like.

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Over four panels a day for 365 days, Ord shows you life: messy, frustrating, joyous, tired, dull, thrilling life - it's lovely stuff.

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I enjoyed reading this over a few months.