Loveless, Volume 2, by Yun Kouga

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This story is so messed up.

I need to read more to know how I feel.

While I’m not sure how nefarious the main relationship between Ritauka and Soubi is, nothing in this story is good. Except, maybe, Yuiko, but she clearly has some issues too.

When I first read this manga over a decade ago, I missed a lot of the more nuanced messed-up scenes.

Trigger warning: child abuse and manipulation, bulling, and talk of rape

xterminal's review

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Yun Kouga, Loveless, vol. 2 (Tokyopop, 2003)

Now things are starting to get where they need to be with this series, I think. The original team stalking Ritsuka and Soubi has been pulled off the case, and a new team, the Zeros, have been tasked with their destruction. That's more of a subplot here, though, as much of the volume focuses on Ritsuka's relationships with adults (his teacher and his psychologist), with a little of the deepening of the relationship between Soubi and Kio. The series is getting a little more grounded, and that's a good thing. ***