The Missing (Shadow House, Book 4), Volume 4, by Dan Poblocki

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A book that I hadn't expected given everything in the first 3 books, but a book I am happy exists. This is a sequel to the first books. Marcus appears again and I wasn't always too happy to see him. But we also have new characters, new, as the house would call it, victims who have to do everything to escape and make sure that the house won't ever get up again. I read, or listened, to this book every time I went to the gym for some extra exercise. That is why I won't be writing a long review as while there were elements I remember... I need to see the words to actually get them in my head. My head is just too full and if I listen to something and hear other things around me, it gets muddled.
Still I loved the book, I loved the bond between sister and brother. And the ending was fabulous. It was creepy at times, horribly creepy, and I enjoyed it quite a lot.