Killer Gourmet by G.A. McKevett

raemelle's review

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This took me forever to get through! These books are the definition of formulaic. And the cheesy over the top goodie two shoes characters are really old. Also: what's with the blatant ass kissing of certain careers and jobs in this book? Specifically military vets, maids, and the unnatural library volunteer ass kissing scene? It's so patronizing! It's like the author is going way overboard to prove how kind her characters are.

I also really wish she'd stop having Tammy call Dirk "pee-pee head." Tammy must be in her late twenties or early thirties by now. Even if she's doing it ironically, it's still really immature.

hezann73's review

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Enjoyed, but felt like the mystery came second to what was going on with Savannah and Dirk

readclever's review

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As with most of Savannah Reid books, there's a lot of heart and soul. Not just in the mystery, but in the connection. When a Gordon Ramsay wannabe gets kaputed, it's up to Van's crew to solve the latest crime. But honestly, that plot felt secondary to the character growth. Watching her come to conclusions, hard ones about herself, and how to keep her family bound afterwards was amazing. The mystery plot, the ending, broke my heart into a thousand pieces as a woman. Definitely a solid 4.5 reading, honestly. I only deducted a few points for the lack of resolutions on some characters. But other than that, a really good read.