New Adult by Sidney Wollmuth

martinalitty's review

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emotional funny hopeful lighthearted sad medium-paced


“I had a dream I kissed a girl and then / I kissed her brother. I thought you couldn’t / dream of people you’ve never seen before, so where have I seen their faces? / the grocery store? the park? on a train?”

Outstanding poetry collection by a dear friend! 

Favorite poems: “Thinking About Wales,” “Choking,” “Tuesday,” In Which I Talk to the Blue-Haired Girl in His Painting,” “Running,” “Dating Show.”

nataliedc's review

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emotional hopeful inspiring fast-paced


After months in my TBR, I have finally read the lovely Sidney Wollmuth's debut collection!!! This is probably one of the most relatable things I've ever read in my life (the mole-hair line literally killed me). The sheer amount and variety of forms, themes and pop-culture references throughout this small collection really demonstrates Sidney's prowess as a poet and creative writer! While I wish there was even more meat to each piece, I'm so happy I finally read this & I can't wait to read Sidney's future works!!
Favs: Filming the Carnival Scene in Euphoria, Work Poem #5, Running, wishing, I'm Still Vegetarian (somehow), Weighted Blanket, Dating Show + Time to Take a Nap <3

marsarah's review

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emotional hopeful lighthearted reflective fast-paced


Sidney’s poetry is incredible. Her words articulate familiar feelings and experiences in a lyrical, yet unique and compelling way.

Favorites: Mary But Broken, Tuesday, Wishing, Dating Show