Reviews for Classic Goosebumps - Night of the Living Dummy, by R.L. Stine, Carol Schneider

rinap's review

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I picked this up for #buzzwordathon, with the keyword #night.

This was such a throwback to the 90s! I couldn’t even remember when I last read a Goosebumps book (and it would’ve been translated to Indonesian anyway).

So what can I say, it was still as silly, ridiculous, and entertaining as I remembered. Although I forgot how spoiled and annoying the twins Lindy and Kris could be. And I forgot how much the story relied on slapstick jokes and gross, liquid-y stuff.

I picked up the audiobook version and the background music added to the atmosphere nicely. The voice actress did a good job of making the twins sound whiney. Would I start re-reading all the other Goosebumps books? Probably not. But I’d do it occasionally when there’s a readathon happening.

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