Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca Hall

sarahrara's review

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The good:
- The descriptions of Greek life, characters, culture and history. I found that really interesting, and it seems like the author knows Greece very well (confirmed by seeing she's actually co-authored travel books on Greece).
- Fast and easy to read, there was no trudging along and it mostly flowed well.

The bad:
- Nothing happens. Like almost literally nothing happens. Woman goes to Greece, teaches kids and pours coffee in a potted plant - the end (and what's with that anyway?! If you're going to be so much of a wuss you won't tell someone you don't want their coffee, you can at least pour it down the sink or something instead of ruining their plant..). I'm not against fiction that isn't plot driven per se, but in this case I really feel as if it needed something more.
- The writing is a bit wooden in places, though it gets better and is mostly decent.
- The main character is dull. There's some conflict with a sister, but it's never really explained. And other than that she seems to mainly be preoccupied with the fact that she's a rebel and unconventional. Some of the supporting characters have potential but they're not fleshed out.

Overall it was an OK read, and I would recommend it for anyone who's especially interested in or enamoured with Greece.

aditurbo's review

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DNF - 18%. So meaningless and colorless. Like chewing gum after it has lost all of its flavor - you're automatically performing the action of reading, but nothing comes out of it - no feeling whatsoever, not a bit of interest involved. A waste of my time.