Garth Ennis' 303 by Garth Ennis

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challenging dark emotional funny sad tense fast-paced


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adventurous challenging dark emotional informative reflective sad tense fast-paced


I noticed a few reviewers took umbrage with Ennis getting overtly political. So, yeah, if you don't like your comics angry about what's happening with the world, and the idiots in charge, you'll absolutely want to stay away.

This one is a weird one, and Ennis himself states quite clearly at the beginning that it takes a major left turn halfway through. It's really two stories mashed together's bleak. There's not a single good guy to be found here, only really bad people, or really broken people.

But there's also a really important message here, if one cares enough to forget they're reading a simple comic book. Ennis seethes on the page.

And Jacen Burrows? I've always enjoyed his art, but in these six issues, I think he may have produced his finest work. The art is starkly, horrifyingly gorgeous.

This is not a one-and-done read. This is one that demands some time and some reflection.