Origin, by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Another great book!
I absolutely love this series. There wasn't a book thought this series that I had to reread because they all stick with you throughout the series.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book when it was released. This is a great series and I will waiting on the edge of my seat for Opposition to be released next summer.

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Oh. My. God.


Okay, there were SO many feels in this book. Honestly every second or third page there was another development. SERIOUSLY hard to put down, so I don't really know why it took me so long to read but oh well.

I was literally laughing, crying and screaming throughout this entire book. I had to leave my science class at one point because I was crying (not really but I did have tears in my eyes and I left to go to the bathroom, but same diff!)

I CANNOT wait another year for the next one, ugh!

Um, the writing was good - as always. I did have a bit of a problem with the changing POVs. It was clearly labeled and whatever but I kinda got confused in the middle of the sections sometimes. Because its all written in the same style it's very similar. At times I thought it was Katy, but turned out it was Daemon, or vice versa.

Story was great, it was really moving along. Since this is the fourth book, I guess, it was easy to move fast and not have to focus on the personalities of the characters etc. I don't know, something about it just sat with me really well.

I was so torn when reading this, because I didn't want it to end but I had to know what happened next. Almost wishing I'd waited until next year to read this!! Ahhhh oh my god. If you've read this, MESSAGE ME SO WE CAN TALK BECAUSE IM DYING!!

Lots of new ideas, most of which I guessed about a couple pages before it was revealed, and I was often sitting up and going "aww hell!" And someone would ask "what?" And I'd point to my kindle and they'd roll their eyes. After a while they just stopped asking!!

Maybe when I'm not in a state of emotional turmoil I'll come back and right now, but for the moment I leave you with my Kaemon song ;)

True Love by P!nk

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So much is going on. So much is happening and it's giving me anxiety. So many things I wasn't expecting went down in the book and I don't know that I'm okay with it. I might have to have a breather book before I finish the series. Things are getting so intense and I don't really know what's going to happen. I don't even really have a guess. I kind of have a love hate relationship with the cliff hanger endings. God this series upsets me and makes me want to keep reading at the same time.

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I AM STARTING TO BELIEVE THAT JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT SERIOUSLY HATES US. Lmao. Noooooo! I did not expect this! I was like turning it to next page, expecting there's a next chapter, then BAM! That ACKNOWLEDGEMENT thingy appeared! :(

As I said... I do believe Jennifer L. Armentrout seriously hates us a lot. LMAO. And yeah, I am just kidding but hey, I'm just expressing myself. I was just saying (no I don't hate you JLA! I love you for bringing Daemon to life!) it because I was left hanging there! I was like "OMG, what will happen now? Turn it to next page!" Then when I did, I see that friggin' ACKNOWLEDGEMENT making the book or the story TO BE CONTINUED until the next book. I mean, WTH, right?! >.<

Origin. Origin was so kick ass. Daemon was kick ass. Katy was kick ass. Everyone was kick ass. The book was so full of action, emotion and other things. No moment was dull. Every page shows strong emotions that made me teary eyed. Always teary eyed. I commend Armentrout for making me feel all those things in a book. I feel the fear of Katy, the rage, the love for Daemon. I could all feel it all the way into my bones. Call me cheesy but that was what I felt the time I was reading it.

Daemon was, how should I say it? Showy? If he's such a douche bag in other books, well, in this one, it was lessen but Daemon showed us different side of him in emotional level, if you get what I mean. I don't think what I am about to say is a spoiler because I do believe that we all know Daemon. He wouldn't leave Katy behind. He wouldn't let Daedalus have Katy and leave her all alone in there even if Katy doesn't want Daemon to save her. But we all know that what's going to happen before we start this book, right?

What the big deal about this all was that how would Daemon and Katy survived this problem, what was inside Daedalus, what it's all about, and how will they save themselves? Origin was definitely the best book in the series, action wise that is. There are lots of twists presented, you will never get bored by it... And I must definitely warn you, it will LEAVE YOU HANGING.

But all in all? I love the book. Yeah, nuff said. :)

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Oh good lord... I feel a major shit storm coming.. I don’t like this 😳

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Adding a few thoughts to this book now since I've only now come to notice I never wrote a review on this book.
What I liked:
- Luc
- the fight in L.A.
- Katy's time at Daedalus was horrifying, but thus intriguing to read about
- Archer
- a death I've been waiting for

What I did not like:
- Daemon
- Daemon's POV
- teen marriage
- forgetting about the mother
- juvenile writing style
- same jokes again and again

Luc, Archer and the final showdown alone save this book from getting a 2/5 or 3/5 rating. I remember reading most parts of this book on a 9h car ride back home from France and using my smartphone as a flashlight so that I could keep on reading even though it was pitch dark outside. That final fight was too intense to put it down.
This book is definitely the best one in the series (I can say that now since I write this after having read the last book), even though I absolutely despise Daemon and his POV by now.
So, I'm known to be an atheist, I might add now so that the important meaning of my following prayer can be understood: At the end of the book, he leaves Katy and co. with Dee and Dawson to join the Lux. And for the first time in years I sent a prayer to God:
Please, God, make this cursed idiot stay away or die! Please, please, please.
Maybe he listens, and if he does, I might go to church once to thank him.
Nah, not going to happen. Maybe next time...

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I cant really find the words to describe how I felt after reading this book! It was awesome and epic and I really really really need to read the next book because there is A BIG ASS CLIFFHANGER!
People go read the Lux's phenomenal.

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Aunque me gustaron todos los libros de la saga, incluyendo Shadows y Obsession, por alguna razón Origin fue mi favorito. También al principio no soportaba a Daemon pero después ♥♥♥♥

Pd: "My blog is better than your vlog"

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I grudgingly give this book 3 stars.
Trust me all of it is for the plot.
(Which to be honest is going haywire in this book.)
Aand Luc.That Origin boi is the best character in this whole series.

This book actually started off pretty amazing. The Daedalus Vs Katy was pretty fierce.
Katy killing BLAKE ( cant tell you how happy that bastard died ).
ARCHER! Loved him!
Finding out about Origins... escaping..
It was cool till then.

Then it went downhill on an epic scale.
I really had to skip and skip to get over the cringe romance smut scenes... and all the talks about feelings, feelings more feelings.
I've mentioned this before but this book series would have been so much better if only the Romance was completely taken out of it.
While the author was at it she also could have just taken out Daemon.

Even with the Abysmal writing and romance. I'm just going to suffer through the series because I really want it to end with either Katy or Daemon dead ( I'm cruel I know!).

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The entire book had me at the edge of my seat, and woah, that ending!

Onto the next, like asap!