Brunner the Bounty Hunter, by C.L. Werner

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This 2 star rating should be taken with a bit of an codifier. I didn't finish the omnibus, for reasons described below, so perhaps my impressions would have changed if I felt like continuing on, but honestly I didn't want to.

Stand alone, I found each of the stories enjoyable. Brunner is a fun character to read about. Even a few together were entertaining. However, the first 2/3 of the omnibus are largely unrelated short stories compiled together of roughly the same thing, Brunner gathering bounties. This grew static and stale as I continued to read.

Most of the enemies Brunner faced he handled with ease, leaving little actual feeling of danger.

In many ways these stories reminded me of my brief foray into Conan the Barbarian, like Conan, Brunner is a stoic, brooding, quiet protagonist, who hides a deep cunning and skill. He is an anti-hero, who overcomes seemingly impossible odds with regularity thru cunning and skill of arms.

While a taste of this was a lot of fun, much like a diet of just junk food, hundreds of pages of it just grew empty and boring.

If you want to read some of these stories I actually recommend it, as they are fun. But it isn't worth slogging thru the entire omnibus. After 100 or so pages you get the gist.

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Nice read, classic anti-hero action