Alice Cooper #1, by Eman Casallos, Joe Harris

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Where's the fun in buying someone Alice Cooper oddities for their birthday if you can't have a wee gander yourself first? Alice Cooper is no stranger to the dark and twister, but here, in his first comic series, he's 'The Lord of Nightmares'. He watches over you as you dream, he delivers horrors to those who deserve it, but someone has taken that away from him, and he wants his throne back.

And, frankly, it's Sandman meets Alice Cooper, let's be honest. Is it going to be the next comic sensation? No, it's not. But if you like Coops it's all good fun, and you kind of want to know what's going on with the bullied kid and whether the guillotine will make an appearance or something.

So yes.

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Alice Cooper. Hell yeah.