Killing Blow by Kevin Ryan

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A good sequel to 'The Edge of the Sword'. All the story lines are continued, and really could have been the in same book (other than they would have been close to 550 pages and there would be still one book to go).

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As with many mid-points of trilogies, not quite as strong as the first, though still better than average. Some flashback scenes are written in with the main narrative and occasionally mildly confusing when scenes switch between present and past battles, and there are a few unfortunate typos swapping similarly named characters. Once those are accounted for, though, a decent enough middle chapter.

kiazareni's review

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I almost gave it 4 stars because of *SPOILERS* Benitez. He was the best I loved his relationship with Kell and I couldn't believe it when he let him die just like that. You serve the Empire? The Empire my ass you decided not to kill Kirk after realizing that the Empire was like a shiny apple rotting inside so stfu and help Benitez instead of letting him fall. Did Moffat write this book?