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*This review is only for the InCryptid portion of the anthology at this time.*

I am so happy to have been able to read a short from some of the Cryptids points of view! I've always enjoyed Istas and her relationship with Ryan, so seeing them on their own without Verity was refreshing. I love seeing how Istas thinks and how well her and Ryan get along regardless of the fact that they are two different species. Congrats to McGuire for surprising and delighting me again!

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Rating is for Red as Snow

I really enjoyed a story for a pov that's wasn't a Price/Healey

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I really do love Ryan and Istas; I hope McGuire continues to write stories about them, because I'd be happy to read an entire novel about them. I enjoyed this one much more than Black as Blood though they were both enjoyable; Red as Snow felt more complete, more rounded. So glad she gets the impulse to write these little glimpses into the Incryptid world.

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Some very nice stories and a bunch of less great ones.