Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts, by Charlie Cochet

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my only complaint about this book is it's not long enough! i want more of these 2!! there is nothing hotter than a geek and a bada$$!!

i loved the big ole grumpy quinn. even though he gave off the air of being a tough guy that didn't need anyone, when he got to know spencer he knew he might need someone after all. he is a part of a big fantastic cuban family who pretty much steals the show here. spencer is sweet and adorable and you just want to hug him! i love that he took a chance on the big guy. i would have loved for him to call him by his real name when he found out what it was.

there was a little bit of angst, courtesy of quinn's friend but nothing too bad. overall, a quick cute read.

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Nothing special and a bit to rushed for my taste.

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I reviewed Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts (the e-book) back in August. I loved it and was so excited to get the audio version of the story, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

I think Michael Stellman did a great job bring Quinn and Spencer’s story to life. To quote from my original review:

The way humor is weaved throughout the story is awesome. When Quinn walks into Spencer’s apartment the first time, the entire encounter had me laughing out loud. Then later, when Quinn’s family showed up, I again couldn’t help but laugh because honestly, Quinn’s family was amazing.

I ended up loving Spencer even more after listening to the audiobook. I was laughing out loud, again, over and over. That geeky little guy worming his way into gruff and crappy Quinn’s life was really so sweet, and it comes through wonderfully throughout the performance. Stellman’s narration was clear and well enunciated, with clear definition between the different characters. And, as when I first read the book, again I wished it were longer and we got more of these two guys’ story.

Reviewed by Karen for The Novel Approach

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It was a short but sweet story, it would have been interesting seeing more about Quinn's friends and how they'll handle his relationship. It was good reading about how they started and how they managed to know each other, and all thanks to Spencer who mustered his courage to try again after their first encounter.

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Loved this opposites attract romance

Thought it was time to read this sort of intro into the Four Kings world.

It's a fabulous opposites attract romance which has a really sweet organic relationship build up between Spencer and his injured SWAT team neighbour Quinn.

Loved seeing how their relationship, as they're already together in the later books, began

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lighthearted relaxing fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Plot
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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3.5 stars rounding up.

I can see why I liked this and started reading Mrs. Cochet and the narrator does a really good job. The reason why I give it 3.5 stars (even though I'm rounding up) is because of the ending. It's a total HFN with no hint of how things might progress in the future.

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Wounded in a police raid run by his SWAT Team, Quinn is stuck at home. His already grumpy nature is not exactly helped by his injuries, but the constant ‘check-ins’ by family and friends is close to making him explode. When he finally convinces everyone to give him some peace and quiet he thinks it will mean he will be getting some well deserved R&R. Then his neighbor, Spencer, runs into him (literally) and he starts to find rest is the last thing he wants. But Quinn and Spencer are so different that they might never work.

I enjoy quite a bit of what Charlie Cochet writes, and the blurb to this book sounded interesting, so I thought I would pick this book up for review. Initially I had a hard time getting into it. A combination of my lack of understanding of the Spanish (at least I think it was Spanish) a lot of the characters spoke added to the fact I didn’t really connect all that much with Quinn to begin with, led to the first part of the story feeling a bit flat to me.

But Spencer made me want to continue on. I do love a good geek who knows how to rock the superhero underwear! Once Spencer and Quinn were interacting, this story really took off. It might seem like an odd combination–-especially when everyone in the story is saying so–-but Spencer, who is bright and a tad clumsy, and Quinn, who is gruff and a bit standoff-ish, really work. Spencer smooths out Quinn’s harder edges, and Quinn inspires Spencer to do things he’d never even thing of doing.

I did want to kick Javier down a hill covered in cacti and into a pond populated by dick-eating piranhas, though. That dude was a right prick. How he is capable of keeping friends, I will never know. He must have hidden depths or something. Deep, deep, deep down.

This was a good story, overall, and I enjoyed it.

3.5 stars

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4 rounded down to 3.5 for having a typical white boy w/ a really really really really bad Spanish accent do the audiobook, like go f** yourself. 3.5 rounded down over all for just pissing me off w/ yo white-self.

I'm conflicted with this one. I did like the story, for the most part, I really really really hate the whole "he doesn't know I'm alive but I love him," trope, and Quinn being like "I can't believe I never noticed him..." it's been a YEAR. His bro-in-law was right -- how are you a SWAT team member and don't know who your neighbours are. Also the stripper plot - side track - bad excuse to get the MCs together was not my favourite style of getting two people to have sex.

Writing style with CC is good as always, and I was very very very very glad this was a short story b/c I hate when stories get dragged out. I liked Spencer's reaction to a big family, and a big group of friends, like it was all too much - it felt too real so great job on that.

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So a cute story, Spence is such a quirky character. Loved his sense of style.