jshaden's review against another edition

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An above average collection of transformation stories. Especially memorable were the grotesque (gargoyle) story, the were-jellyfish story, and several based on non-European shapeshifter myths, such as the Japanese kitsune, Native American, and Central American traditions.

vailynst's review against another edition

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I started this book with the idea that I would have fun exploring short stories by authors I know and get to know those I don't. The topic seemed interesting and there are some familiar names on the list. Out of the first six stories, the only one that I enjoyed reading was 'Go Home Stranger' by Justin Howe. It was excellent and I look forward to reading more by him.

'A Song to the Moon' by Richard Bowes was a disaster that went on forever. I have no idea why anyone would pick that ill-written piece to be included into a collection. That was when I gave up on the book and lost any interest in reading a collection edited by Sedia.

It's hard to write a good short story. It's easier to forgive a novel for mistakes because there's time and length to smooth over the rough edges. Short stories require a different skill set than writing a full novel. Just like it's easy to find bad to mediocre books on Kindle for cheap, it's easy to find crappy short stories. Life is too short to waste on reading junk and if there are other gems in this book, perhaps they will show up elsewhere and be acknowledged for being a good piece.

cejaypi's review

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A few of the stories were great, made me interested in finding more of those authors work. A few of the stories that i actually looked forward to, because I knew of the authors, were disappointments!