The Missing Dough by Chris Cavender

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A cute mystery involving two sisters who own a pizza parlor and in their spare time track down a killer. This time it happens to be one of the sister's ex-husband. While they didn't end on a positive note, she isn't the only enemy he made while he was alive.

Cute, quick read with twists and turns.

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I found myself blink when I gave this book a two star rating. It may not deserve this score, but maybe my taste has evolved. And now the series which scored a perfect 5 stars for the past 5 books is found wanting.

I admit that I didn't understand the bit about the website that has that aerial photo, but I understood most of the jokes and various points. In one way this book is less simple and is maybe going in the right direction, but I have been used to a slower pace which made for a very mellow, subtle, basic, and charming reading experience.

This book may be an improvement, but it just means it is no longer appealing to my nature. Nothing more, nothing lasts forever!

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The Missing Dough is book 6 in the Pizza Lovers series by Chris Cavender. the series surrounds two sister sleuths Maddie and Eleanor running a pizza parlor together after the death of Eleanor’s husband. In this installment, Maddie’s ex-husband comes to town only to get himself murdered, putting Maddie, Eleanor and their respective significant others right in the middle of the case. This installment had plenty of suspects and clues to keep the reader engaged in the story, but the strength of the this series is always the relationships between the sisters and their group of friends/co-workers/neighbors.

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A cute, cozy mystery. Good, but nothing special.