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A collection of short stories that are inspired by a variety of tropes. All of these stories are cute! I’m actually a little disappointed that some of these are not full-length novels. The stories span multiple genres and have a lot of LGBTQ+ pairings, with the majority being F/F (9 of the 15 stories).

Silver and Gold by Natasha Ngan:
-What happens when two sled race competitors get “snowed in together?”

Five Stars by Amy Spalding:
-A case of “mistaken identity” strikes in this story.

Unfortunately, Blobs Do Not Eat Snacks by Rebecca Kim Wells:
-What happens when a magical spell goes haywire and “kissing under the influence” occurs?
-Urban Fantasy

Edges by Ashley Herring Blake:
-“The Grumpy One and the Soft One” may be falling for each other.

What Makes Us Heroes by Julian Winters:
-What happens when the “Hero and Villain” are childhood friends?

And by Hannah Moskowitz:
-A “love triangle” emerges when a new kid comes to town.

My Best Friend’s Girl by Sara Farizan:
-What happens when you fall for your “best friend’s girlfriend?”

(Fairy)like Attracts Like by Claire Kann:
-A case of “mutual pining” between two coworkers.
-Urban Fantasy

These Strings by Lilliam Rivera:
-What happens when your brother’s friend becomes your “sibling’s hot best friend?”

The Passover Date by Laura Silverman:
-When you finally decide that “fake dating” is better than not having a date.

Bloom by Rebecca Barrow:
-“Love Transcends Space Time” in this cute story.

Teed Up by Gloria Chao:
-Find out what happens when you fall for your competition in this take on “Oblivious to Lovers.”

Boys Noise by Mason Deaver:
-What happens when there’s “only one bed at the inn?”

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Malinda Lo:
-A case of “secret royalty.”
-Science Fiction

Disaster by Rebecca Podos:
-What happens when you get a “second chance [at] romance” when the world is ending?
-Contemporary / Apocalypse

Special thanks to NetGalley and Running Press Kids for an eARC of Fools in Love! I really appreciate it.

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Thank you to Perseus Books, Running Press and NetGalley for the earc of this anthology in exchange for my honest review.

This was such a fun array of queer, romantic trope stories! I loved seeing so many familiar tropes done in some absolutely new settings. I generally struggle with anthologies, but this one kept my attention and really turned quite a few tropes on their ear.

A few really stood out for me, and I think everyone will enjoy this collection a great deal.

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funny lighthearted slow-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? No


Fools in Love is a collection of sweet stories all by different authors, with lovely characters and settings. 

What this book lacks is creativity. The book dragged on and on because every story was just like the last. The writing style and character arcs were a recycled formula with no fresh twits, whatsoever. Although I enjoyed that the stories featured LGBTQ+ and racially diverse characters, it was not enough to maintain my interest throughout it all. 

Thank you to NetGalley for my approval of this arc. 

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So I will be reviewing this book story wise. Some were actually great while others just could not make the cut:
1. SILVER AND GOLD ( Snowed in together): 1 Star Rating: my very first read was a very disappointing one. I had so many expectations from this trope. But this story is just so not up to mark. First half is just dedicated to some mountain race- which we so do not care about- the other half was given to romance. It would be much better if the author was more concise and clear about the characters she was writing.

2.FIVE STARS ( Mistaken Identity): 2 star rating: This was an okay read. The starting is kind of over stretched. It would be so much better if the writing and editing were better.

3. UNFORTUNATELY BLOBS DO NOT EAT SNACKS ( Kissing under the influence): 1 star rating: This story was so kiddish, more like a middle grade book rather than a young adult story. 95% of the book dealt with weird magic stuff which was not even remotely interesting. And where was the kissing under influence in this. There were also no good dialouges .

___________and why were the main love interests in the above three stories so far cocky, oversmart, YOLO kind of females, and the main character is underconfident. Is this some kind of new side trope we readers are being kept in the dark about?!__________

4. EDGES( The grumpy one and the soft one): 4 star rating; This was a pretty good story - short, sweet and simple. I like that not a lot of time is spent on useless stuff like giving long winded descriptions and they get exactly to the point. The emotions felt raw and real in this one.

5. WHAT MAKES US HEROES( Heroes Vs Villains): 3 star rating; A new perspective on the whole hero vs villain trope. Even though it wasnt much of my style, I still liked it. I especially liked how the protagonists stops accepting his parents forced decisions.

6. AND( Love Triangle): 0 star rating: okay, so this trope is like a really easy common one and we can find thousands of stories with the same trope. But this book is like a huge punch in in the face to all those books who used this trope well. So this book strated off pretty promising the first few pages but it is so uttterly ridiculous. Protagonist is stupid. And she develops feelings for a boy but is already in a relationship . Its like she sees this boy ONE time and is like OMG I love, i cant be happy without him, and now I cant stay with my boyfriend of three years. She tells her boyfriend- oh I love him so much and then cries. The boyfriend being a doormat, goes like - "oh no worries, lets all three date each other and forever be happy. easy peasy."
I am not against such time of relationships at all. But I really hate the way this story has been executed. Very poor story.

7. MY BEST FRIENDS GIRL:4 star rating: This was a nice story. The characters were well developed and actually had some character to them. There was an actual plot conflict to build the story up. The superhero element was also kind of interesting.

8. THESE STRINGS(Siblings hot best friend)-4 star rating; A very good story. Even though I am not a huge fan of this trope,I still ended up liking it because the writing had a very good flow and was overall well written. The main character was very likeable. It felt kind of short though.

9.THE PASSOVER DATE( fake dating)-3 star rating- Good story, nice and crisp writing. Trope is executed well. Ending was not rushed and felt apt. The humour was good too.

10.BLOOM( Love transcends space): good concept and idea. This was the first story i read for this kind of this trope. But it was just too long. tighter editing would be better.

11. TEED UP( Oblivious to lovers);- 4 star rating- I love dhow they explored the asian american theme in this one. the intense pressure sometimes put by asian parents, the sexism in a male dominated society, the misogny, everything has been presented well. romance was simple and cute.

12.BOYS NOISE( Only one bed at the inn): very very cute story. A simple writing style made it even more beautiful.

13. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN( Secret Royalty)- 2 star rating- okay okay story. expected more from this trope
overall this was not a great read and but really liked all the representation. It was so very inclusive and diverse which i really appreciate. But I would not be reccomending this book to anyone.

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Thanks to netgalley for providing me with an e-arc of this book.

Fools in love is a collection of 15 stories featuring 15 different authors based on LGBTQ+ characters.There are stories belonging to different genres like contemporary, fantasy, contemporary,magic systems and the fake dating, enemies to lovers, one bed etc etc tropes.

There were some stories which were too face paced (like I get it was a short story and not a novel but still..). Some stories had insta love which I totally dislike. Some stories were so good that I wanted an entire novel for them. Some were just boring.

Overall I would give 3 stars.

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<i> This e-ARC was provided by NetGalley, in exchange of an honest opinion. </i>

<b> Over-all Rating: </b> 2.8 ⭐

"Fools in Love" is a collection of love stories from different authors. It was a diverse read, full with different love stories.

📚 "Silver and Gold: Snowed in Together", by Natasha Ngan - 2 ⭐
📚 "Five Stars: Mistaken Identity", by Amy Spalding - 2.5 ⭐
📚 "Unfortunately, Blobs Do Not Eat Snacks: Kissing under the influence", by Rebecca Kim Wells - 2 ⭐
📚 "Edges: The grumpy one and the soft one", by Ashley Herring Blake - 4 ⭐
📚 "What Makes Us Heroes: Hero vs. Villain", by Julian Winters - 4.25 ⭐
📚 "And: Love Triangle", by Hannah Moskowitz - 1.5 ⭐
📚 "My Best Friend's Girl: Best friend's girlfriend", by Sara Farizan - 2.5 ⭐
📚 "(Fairy)Like Attracts Like: Mutual Pining", by Claire Kann - 2.5 ⭐
📚 "These Strings: Sibling's Hot Best Friend", by Lilliam Rivera - 2.5 ⭐
📚 "The Passover Date: Fake Dating", by Laura Silverman - 4 ⭐
📚 "Bloom: Love Transcends Space Time", by Rebecca Barrow - 2 ⭐
📚 "Teed Up: Oblivious to Lovers", by Gloria Chao - 4 ⭐
📚 "Boys Noise: Only One Bed at the Inn", by Mason Deaver - 4.5 ⭐
📚 "Girls just want to have fun: Secret Royalty", by Malinda Lo - 2 ⭐
📚 "Disaster: Second Chance Romance", by Rebecca Podos - 3 ⭐

I love the fact that this book has so much diversity. Reading some other reviews, I have to agree with some points:
- I wasn't capable to connect to all characters. Some of the stories didn't give enough details that allow the reader to connect.
- It is lacking the existence of different endings. I think it would be nice if some of these stories dealt with heartbreak or other things at the end... Just so it could be different.

Not all short stories were for me, as you can see. Despite all that, I'm thankful for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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I'm rating this better than my average rating according to separate stories is.

It was a nice little collection but with a lot of flaws.

First, it bugged me that every story had a hapoy ending. I really wanted some heartache and some unsuccessful loves.

And then secondly, the doatribution of LGBT+ and heterosexual stories was REALLY uneven. I respect the inclusion and all, bit I would have liked for heterosexual couples to be included as well.

Finally, I found the stories with sci-fi and fantasy elements to be very boring. There was no importance of the fantastic element for the plot in all but one , which made it pointless. And the stories were way too short to give enough answers about the worlds and the supernatural.

Silver and Gold - 1
The story was completely unremarkable and boring. The execution was poor, and I had no real feelings while reading it. He writing style was very sloppy and I had a feeling of reading a story wrotten by a hobbyist and not a writer, not even amateur one. I had no feelings or liking towards the characters and I was told what I should feel more than I actually felt anything.

Five Stars - 4
This was the kind of cute that makes your heart melt. I loved it. The awkward new beginnings, the unlikely but completely possible accident, the tingling feeling when your crush is near you and likes you back. This story had it all!

Unfortunatrly, Blibs do not Eat Snacks - 2
I was more interested in the fantasy part of the story, and the romance was unnatural and just showed there somewhere yowards the end without any actual development. And, the fantasy part just fell apart amd wasn't finished, leaving me with more questions than answers.

Edges - 4
Apart from the hideous name of this story, it was pretty good. The first one in this book that actually had me feel the feelings. Pretty good.

What Makes Us Heroes - 1
Everything was pretty vague and artificial, and the superhero part was vay too shallow to give any importance to the story.

And - 2
The wriying style really bugged me a lot. I didn't like the main character who was just ready to play with everyone to get what she wanted. And I don't thing the whole threesome thing sits wiyh me well.

My Best Friend's Girl - 1
Not a fan of superheroes, especially when it has no importance to the story. Also, how can you not discuss whom you love with a person and call them a beat friend??? Or how can you call yourself someone's best friend and not see whom they love????

Fairy Like Attracts Like - 1
Placing a fat lesbian person in a story just for the sale of mentioning a fat lesbian is just shitty. If she was black or asian, you would have the whole deal! Well, it ahouldn't be done like that!

These Strings - 3
More of a friendship story than a live story. Unlikeable characters

The Passover Date - 3
Okay. Old friends find love.

Bloom - 3
Fantasy about traveling through time to find love. Both child-parent love and romantic love. Refreshing.

Teed Up - 2
I'm just not a fan of insta-love or manipulative parents.

Boys Noise - 3
Trans gay celebrity teenager falls in love with a band member who loves him back. It is cute, but nothing special. I didn't feel that the intetnal battle of falling in love with someone you shouldn't was ptesented in its full potential.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - 1
As I said, I HATE insta-love stories. I'm also not the biggest fan of sci-fi.

Disaster - 3
I would probably have liked it more if it wasn't so obvious that there will be no disaster.

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adventurous funny hopeful inspiring lighthearted fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


This collection made me so happy. There were a couple of stories that I liked a little bit less than others, but all of the short stories were enjoyable. My personal favorites were Silver and Gold, Five Stars, Bloom, and Disaster. There is such a wide variety of stories in this collection, and I feel like there is something for everyone in it. The cast of characters is mostly LGBTQIA+, and it is also racially diverse. I read it in two sittings, but if you're looking for a collection of short stories that you can come back to when you have a little bit of free time, this is a great choice. Some of the stories made me laugh and some of them made me cry. There's a little bit of everything.

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Okay what can i say about this anthology which would be enough. It was filled with love stuck people who left my heart into a fuzz .
Honestly picked up this book for Mason Deaver but every single story was written with such beauty that I loved it through out .
People like me who love fast romcoms , would love how each story didn't stretch out a lot but still was it's own complete world .

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Fools in Love was an utterly refreshing anthology that I absolutely loved. I started reading it at 8PM and I finished it by 11PM. Every story was so beautiful and so well written, that I just did not want to stop reading. And so, I finished this all in one setting. Every author has created such interesting characters and even in the span of a few short pages, you can't help but fall in love with them all. I'm a sucker for romance so I don't think I could pick one favorite story. But seriously though, everyone should read this. I think you'll find yourself connecting to one character, at least.

thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the e-arc!