Absolute Authority Vol. 2 (New Edition) by Warren Ellis

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So, I've decided to read 'The Authority' again, only this time I had to upgrade and read it in absolute format. And to anyone who hasn't read this story before but is interested in checking it out, GET IT IN THIS FORMAT! You can get it for a really good deal and it's the only format that truly captures Bryan Hitch's out of this world artwork. It's also just really pretty on your shelf.

In this first Vol. you get the first 12 issues (and a 'Planetary' tie-in issue) that kinda serves as the first half arc of 'The Authority.' The Authority is a team formed by our main protagonist, Jenny Sparks. An almost century old superhuman that brings back these individuals in order to watch over Earth and keep it safe (that's laymen's terms). Together the team stops a psycho terrorist leader who has an army of super soldiers, redcoat space demons from an alternate world, and a giant alien creature that might actually be God? Yea its a pretty crazy series but its super fun and full of great concepts.

Warren Ellis is the writer for this first half and he does a pretty solid job of getting you enthralled in the story and makes the whole "save the world from the actual apocalypse" trope feel fresh and non-repetitive. Most of the big events are broken down into 4 parts. It helps set the premise of each catastrophe and sets the consequences high. Along with that Ellis gives us a really fun and interesting cast. Everybody is already established characters from pervious series (mainly 'Stormwatch') but coming into this not knowing anyone or reading any previous series, you don't feel lost or need to go back and read anything else. It all feels self-contained, and the read is all the better for it.

And the person on art duties is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite artists, BRYAN HITCH! This was Hitch's PRIME and along with his work on 'Ultimates' probably his Magna opus. His artwork is a perfect fit for the insane events and story telling that Ellis writes. Hitch's wide-screen artwork that feels MASSIVE and cinematic always leaves me in awe. The action scenes, spacecraft design, chaotic destruction, and heroic shots are all done PERFECTLY! It's all GRAND in design. Helping him on inks is Paul Neary and I love his inks with Hitch's artwork. Especially in the scenes where something big is occurring (so most of the book). Hitch is the main reason I wanted to read this story again and will always be the reason I come back to it. That's also why I had to upgrade to this awesome absolute edition. If you even slightly think that some of these pages look cool I highly encourage to fully check it out as not only is it FULL of S-Tier artwork but it's a pretty solid read too, which only makes the artwork better!

If you're in the mood for a cool sci-fi movie full of action and creative concepts, maybe hold off on popping in a Nolan film, cause Hitch and Ellis can deliver something just as good, but you can hold it in your hands.