The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 2 by Jonathan Strahan

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The Wizard’s Six(Alex Irvine) , Cambist & Lord Iron (Daniel Abraham), The Last Contact (Stephen Baxter), Urdumheim (Michael Swanwick), Orn the Beautiful (Elizabeth Bear),

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adventurous emotional mysterious


 β€οΈ 🧑 πŸ’› πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’œ  my about / byf / CW info carrd: uchiha-madara πŸ’œ πŸ’™ πŸ’š πŸ’› 🧑 ❀️

If the first volume of this series made me cry with good painful emotions, this one will make me cry from rampant transmisogyny. 

fave stories. The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics, Kiosk, Singing of Mount Abora, Orm the Beautiful

β—† The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate
medium death, slavery, 
major unreality, time travel, 

β—† The Last and Only, or Mr. Moskowitz Becomes French
minor posession , 
major French people, 

β—† Trunk and Disorderly
minor transmisogyny, misogyny, sexism, no further cws as I can tell this is going to be shitty tactless and boring. 

β—† Glory
medium colonization, wars, xenophobia, 
minor sexual content, suicide, 
medium suicide ideation, 

β—† Dead Horse Point
medium drugs, suicide, 

β—† The Dreaming Wind
medium body horror, child abuse, 
major unreality, 

β—† The Coat of Stars
skipped. no cws. 

β—† The Prophet of Flores
major creationism, anti evolution, 
no further cws. skipped, it's kinda boring to me. 

β—† Wizard's Six
minor child death, 
medium dogs, animal death, blood, poison, manipulation, violence, 
major child death, blood, murder, 

β—† The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics
minor drugs weed tobacco, pedophilia, sex abuse / sex slavery?, guns, murder, sexual content,
medium sexual abuse, animal cruelty, 

β—† By Fools Like Me
medium stillbirths, miscarriages, child abuse, 
major religion christianity, child abuse, 

β—† Kiosk
minor injuries, alcohol, ableist c slur use 2 times, death, 
medium diseases / pandemics
major capitalism, minor mafia, suicide, 
major assassination, land mines, murder, 

β—† Singing of Mount Abora

β—† The Witch's Headstone
skipped no CWs

β—† Last Contact
major demolition, death, 

β—† Jesus Christ, Reanimator
skipped because I don't trust anyone but Jewish people or Muslim people to write about jesus. 

β—† Sorrel's Heart
medium animal cruelty, animal death, fire, 
major pedophilia, grooming, NSFW sex scene, child abuse, torture 
major pregnancy childbirth, gore, body horror, 

It's boring edgy trauma porn. Why was this included, was this the best out of all the offers?

β—† Urdumheim
medium NSFW underage sex scene, 

when a cishet man starts writing about children having explicit sex, I fully lose interest in whatever the fuck this shit is. no further cws. 

β—† Holiday
medium sexual content, incest, pedophilia, 
major child death, pedophilia 

β—† The Valley of the Gardens
minor vomit,wars, sexual content, 
medium gore, body horror, guns, 
major wars, 

β—† Winter's Wife
minor death, drowning, infertility, stephen king, animal death religion christianity, 
medium animal death, pregnancy, racism towards facial features that aren't European, xenophobia, open water, body horror, 

β—† The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small
skipped. tired of whites using asian settings and mangling them. 

β—† Orm the Beautiful
major demolition, death, murder, fire, burns, 

β—† The Constable of Abal
minor sexual assault, insects, animal death?, animal hunting, use of the anti Rromani g slur once, blood, plagues, disease, murder, police, 
medium transphobia?, 

All the content warnings in a stack.

major assassination, blood, body horror, burns, capitalism, child abuse, child death, death, demolition, fire, french people, gore, grooming, land mines, murder, pedophilia, pregnancy, religion christianity, sexual content, time travel, torture, unreality, wars, creationism, anti evolution, 

medium animal cruelty, animal death, blood, body horror, child abuse, colonization, death, diseases / pandemics, dogs, drugs, fire, gore, guns, incest, manipulation, miscarriages, pedophilia, poison, pregnancy, racism towards facial features that aren't European, sexual abuse, sexual content, slavery, stillbirths, suicide, suicide ideation, transphobia, violence, wars, xenophobia

minor ableist c slur use 2 times, alcohol, animal death, animal hunting, blood, child death, death, disease, drowning, drugs weed tobacco, guns, infertility, injuries, insects, misogyny, murder, pedophilia, plagues, police, posession, religion christianity, sex abuse, sexism, sexual assault, sexual content, stephen king, suicide, transmisogyny, use of the anti Rromani g slur once, vomit, wars

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There were a couple of stories I didn't really care for, but overall this was a very enjoyable collection with some high quality bits of work.