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Prior to reading Elite Capture, I did have some idea of the myriad ways in which elites capture political movements and sanitize radical ideas. However, Táíwò really illustrates not only the power of the elites but the extent to which they have captured aspects of our lives in nearly every way imaginable. For instance, Táíwò details how our attention is controlled via Social Media algorithms.

Most importantly, though, Táíwò demonstrates the importance of rejecting modern (captured) identity politics. The powerful in many realms, including politics and media, will insist to the masses that they are being inclusive in one way or another. If we look beyond the surface level, though, we will see that elite attempts at inclusivity are really about optics and placating legitimate criticism. We must look beyond such hollow overtures and see that a more radical world is possible. Elite Capture is an important reminder to only accept legitimate, systemic change.

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