Eternal Rider, by Larissa Ione

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This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

First Impressions
Eternal Rider is the first book in the Lords of Deliverance series but this series is also connected with the Demonica series as well. I have really been remiss in reading this author, and I am not sure why I haven’t read these books yet, I have always enjoyed her writing style and the way in which she crafts her world-building. I think because I have read the first two books in the Demonica series and they weren’t my favorite of her work, but when I saw that this one was available at my library, I just knew that I had to get back to this world and I definitely am thrilled that I got back to this author and yeah its a classic fantasy/PNR series and I am wishing I had read this years ago, but it’s never too late to pick up a kick-ass series like this one. I really have a soft spot for mythological fantasy and this one was so well written and I was so drawn into this world very quickly, and if you haven’t read this series, you definitely need to change that.

His hand sliced through the air in a silencing motion, and he stalked to the window. “Have you seen any rats?”

Her mind spun at the sudden shift of subject. “Rats?”

“Rodents that resemble large mice.”

“I know what rats are,” she gritted out. “Why?”

“They’re spies.” He peered through the curtain into the darkness. Thick fog diffused the yellow lamplight, creating an eerie glow on the street below. “Have you seen any?”

Rodent spies? The man might be hot as hell, but he was a loon. As inconspicuously as possible, Cara inched toward the door. “I didn’t see any furry little James Bonds.”

We get introduced to the four horseman of the Apocalypse, and Area is also known as “War” and if he falls to evil and breaks the seal, then mankind will fall too. And with his own brother Pestilence plotting his destruction and that of the world, Ares has his hands full keeping evil at bay and protecting his siblings. Then enters Cara mThornhart who is the key to his salvation. Cara is a human but with certain gifts. When a hellhound puppy is brought to her, and she heals his wound, the hellhound binds her to him and changes her destiny in a way she never imagined. She is now seeing people as they really are, demons and other mythological creatures within the human society, but it is Ares who ends up saving her life and they join forces as it becomes apparent that Cara is the key to saving the world. But as Ares and Cara work together, a sizzling attraction builds between them and they soon realize that their connection is powerful but can it last with Cara’s dying or will they find their way to their HEA….

Was he actually looking forward to seeing Cara again? The goofy way his lips were curved into a smile said yes, and horror of horrors, he realized he was experiencing some sort of crush. He needed to kill something.

What I Loved
This book was simply superb and I had such a fun time listening to this one. I wasn’t sure what I was really getting into with this one and I quickly jumped into this one, I didn’t even look at the blurb before jumping into this one, I just had a gut feeling that I wouldn’t need to and yeah I didn’t need to at all. I was quickly swept up in this story and the way that this author captures your attention very quickly. I really had a blast with the Area/Cara pairing. I actually adored Cara as the heroine, she has such a spine of steel and I felt her reactions to her reality shifting, to be quite realistic. I really admired the way that she handles Ares too. He is a handful (haha) and I really felt like Cara just handled him so well and knew when to stand her ground and when not to although it takes a learning curve. Ares is a dreamboat of the fantastical world, he has such a tortured soul but at the same time, he has this vulnerability that is so raw and sexy at the same time. I really liked that he was willing to do what it took to protect the world and those he cared about. The ending worked its way for a HEA with so much surprise and flair and surprised me as I didn’t see that twist happening. But that is what I really respect about Larissa Ione, she will always deliver in those shocking turnabouts when you least expect it. We are introduced to some fun characters and I can’t wait to get more of it.

“I’ll listen to you, but you need to treat me with a little respect. Because it doesn’t sound like I’m a pawn. Sounds like I’m more of a queen.” A vein in his temple began to throb, and she grew bolder, the sense of power emanating from the mark on her chest filing her with the mettle she’d lost after the break-in two years ago. Lowering her voice to a tense whisper, she nipped his earlobe. “Checkmate.”

What I Struggled With
There wasn’t really much I struggled with at all, the pacing was a bit off in moments in the first half but it wasn’t often so doesn’t detract much from my rating

The Narration
I have come to really love this narrator, she does such a superb job and she really portrayed these characters so well. Her voice is lovely and draws you into the world very quickly. She handles the level of emotion just right and brings a new level of narration that is delightful and makes for an entertaining listen.

Overall View
Eternal Rider is a action-packed fantasy romance that will bring a new level of intensity, raw sensuality and adventure to the reader! Larissa Ione delivers in every way and will only engage you in a fierce manner that will have you wanting to grab the next installment as fast as you can!

Let a woman too close and while she sucked your cock, she sucked your brains and manhood right out of you too…

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Eternal Rider is a book that focuses on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This was such an interesting idea that worked! I buddy read this with Julie and we both enjoyed reading this one.

This is the start of a series about the Four Horsemen- Ares (War), Limos (Famine), Thanatos (Death), and Reseph (Pestilence). This book is focused mostly on the romance between Ares and Cara. I have to say, I was so skeptical of how this was going to work as a romance! I think that Ione pulled it off. Cara and Ares are from different worlds but end up thrown together. Cara is struggling in her human world after some tragic events in her past. She’s got a touch of something when it comes to animals but she’s got some trauma associated with that. In this book, Pestilence is on the rampage and they are all trying to work together to keep him from breaking anyone else’s seal and starting the Apocalypse.

The world-building was extremely fascinating and so were many of the characters. I enjoyed what all the main horsemen brought to the table. I think that Ares and Cara had a lot of character growth throughout their journey together. Not to mention that this book is SPICY! There are a lot of spicy moments in this one. If you are into that then I think you will love this one. What I did enjoy was the fascinating plot going on too.

Now, I’m going to talk about some of the things that I didn’t love. First, I want to talk about how predictable this one was! Most romances are but this one was a bit too predictable and I was able to figure things out far in advance. There is a point in the book that can be a huge trigger warning: sexual assault. Julie and I both agreed that it was intense and went a bit too far. It pushed a boundary that I was not comfortable with. Lastly, there are many of characters in this one. Since it’s the first book in the series, it is always a learning curve with names. This book had so many that I had trouble keeping them straight sometimes.

Overall, I did like this and found it very fascinating. There are some sneak peeks into who is next and I was so into Limos’s story. I wanted to know so much more once I was teased about it! There are a lot of things to like about this book. Just go in knowing that there is a lot of spice and some triggering things. I am really excited about the next book in the series! 

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After Sin's book in the Demonica series, I was SO happy that it led into the Lords of Deliverance. Ares's appearance in Sin Undone brings us into the story of trying to stop Pestilence and keeping Ares's agimorti safe so that his seal does not break.

Cara's powers are awesome. She believes that they are deadly, but we see that her control are what makes the powers good or bad. When she finds herself pulled into this unbelievable world she gets some pretty cool protectors. Her time is running out though, and it falls to Ares's to find a way to keep the curse that has fallen to her from killing her. Especially since she is sneaking behind his walls, making him feel things he hasn't allowed himself in thousands of years. Oh, but surely his feelings aren't part of the reason he needs to save her. Oh no. The ticking time bomb not only counts down Cara's life, but the life of all mankind. Cara's life could bring about the apocalypse.

I loved so many things in this book. The dynamic of facing that your brother is evil, but yet still looking for a way to save him, Cara's cool gift and what happens to it in the end, to the crazy, mass confusion of an ending. It was a wild ride and ending! I found myself transfixed to the audio, holding my breath, terrified of the result of that ending! Not to mention my favorite Seminist demon got to join the fray!

The audio was really great. I was pulled into this story and it just kept me mesmerized. I was so immersed in this world that I don't think I could find any fault with the audio at all. I just wasn't aware of it.

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Eternal Rider is a fantastic read that left me needing to read book two (Immortal Rider). I'll start by letting you all know that you do not have to read the Demonica series to understand what is going on. It might be helpful, but I had no issues and this is my first time reading a Larissa Ione book.

The series revolves around the four horsemen, Ares (War), Limos (Famine), Thanatos (Death), and Reseph (Pestilence). Eternal Rider focuses on Ares who is trying his hardest not to let his seal break and start the Apocalypse.

The story is told in Cara's (Ares' potential love interest) point of view. Cara saves a hellhound and finds herself surrounded by things she never knew existed. Ares comes to her rescue and you can see the sparks fly. Ares is written to be a gorgeous hunk of man, but you can tell he isn't used to having someone to care for much less someone caring about him. This leads to an interesting relationship where you can see the feelings but they aren't spoken until necessary.

I don't want to give too many spoilers, so I'll keep the review short. All you need to know is the book was excellent and if you enjoy paranormal romances at all this is a must read.

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Had some good moments but I wasn't as engaged as I've been with other Ione books. Also, the last few chapters were quite rushed. I've rounded up from 2.5.

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I liked this book because it reminded me a lot of other authors who work in the genre, like J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon. That being said it reminded me a LOT of other books, because it was basically the same plot.

Baddass immortal falls for girl. But he cant for girl, hes baddass! They have casual sex and eventually fall madly in love while trying to stay alive and save the world!

I will be interested to read the next one.

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I started this story with some degree of trepidation, having found the first novel of the author's previous series a difficult one to get into. The beginning of a series is the obvious place to impart knowledge to the reader about the world they are going to be inhabiting for the next few hours, but the way this is done will undeniably affect how the reader feels about the rest of the book.
Fortunately, Eternal Rider jumps straight into the action, which doesn't let up until the very last few pages. The story line is already interesting because of its basis in the Bible and myth, but the continued action ensures that the pages keep turning in a bid to find out what will happen.
Cara, our heroine, is taken from the world she knows into one she could never even have imagined. Having already lost her confidence previously, this could have been a disaster, but she uses it to make her stronger and able to face the things which she fears. She isn't the only one who develops though; Ares, AKA War, is definitely not ready for the arrival of Cara in his life but the only thing he can do is adapt. Perhaps one of my favourite aspects of this book is the way that these two develop not singularly, but together, until they can no longer deny the feelings between them.
We are introduced to a whole host of interesting characters, both good and bad, that I cannot wait to meet in future books.
I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who likes the Demonica series, and those who like Paranormal romance in general. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone who asked - this is not a series to be missed!

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This was a re-read on my part....there was so much I missed the first time thru, glad I did again!

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