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A Shattered Silver Crown by Kai Butler

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 "A Shattered Silver Crown" is a punch in the gut in book form.
I thought book three was tough, but this fourth installment is on a whole new level: it's bitter and rough and unfair and frustrating and wholly, utterly wonderful.

Seeing Parker spiral out of control, being consumed by grief, his responsibilities and the weight of his role in the supernatural community, was tough: I wanted to jump into the book to save him from himself, his suicidal tendencies and his bitter, all-consuming heart-ache.
He deserves so much more than what he got in life. I desperately wanted to kick a certain fae someone and their backstabbing ass: it's certainly strange to note that the Summer Queen is definitely NOT the worst fae in existence.
I've already said this but, I'm so amazed by Kai Butler's ability to depict such a realistic, complex, multi-layered protagonist. Parker has shown so many different sides of himself already: the greedy, manipulative fae, the insecure orfan, the charming flirt, the protective brother and lover, the reckless kickass... And seeing this new Parker, the desperately afraid, grieving Parker? Gah, it made me so emotional. I love him so damn much.

I also appreciated seeing Nick and Parker's relationship being tested: they're definitely endgame, but I love seeing them test each other, and their boundaries, and I'm beyond curious to see what will happen after *that* gobsmacking ending.

The plot was so damn compelling, I managed to devour the whole chunky book in just a few days, and the world-building keeps getting better, more complex and vivid. However, what I loved more than anything (apart from my favourite reckless fae, Parker) was the side-characters. Sugar, Laurel, Runt, Talon, Zahide, Avila, Malik: the whole lot of them own my heart. The found-family vibes are truly top-notch in this series.

I'm so, so, so excited (and terrified) to start the next book: that ending was downright cruel, and I literally gasped out loud. I can't wait to see what will happen. 

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