Alles begint bij Bach, by Merlijn Kerkhof

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informative inspiring medium-paced


This modern explanation of classical music is very entertaining! It's not about all the difficult technical parts, but about the composers and how their music evolved, and what influenced it. The differences between symphonies, operas and concerto's, the Germans, French and Italians and also why there are no famous Dutch composers. There is so much information packed in between these pages, but it doesn't feel like reading a non-fiction, it reads like a novel. I need to buy my own copy, because I wanted to make all kinds of annotations in the margins for later reference. I also couldn't shut up about each chapter to my partner and my Spotify is filled to the brim with everything I listened and still need to listen to. Stupidly enough there is a Spotify list with lists of songs to each chapter, but it's only mentioned in the back of the book. A bit stupid if you ask me, but maybe that's more to inspire the reader to find their own music first, before they mindlessly link to these lists.