Snow Like Ashes, by Sara Raasch

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More like a 2 1/2 stars. Didn't love it. Skimmed a lot, way too much info dump. The only part I liked about this book was the love triangle but it's not even that important for me to read the next book or the third. I won't continue this series/trilogy? (whatever).
In fact I might get the third book at the library, open to the last chapter just so that I can see who she ends up with, but that is all I'm willing to read, lol!
This won't be a book I'll recommend.

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Is this book life changing ? No. Is it cliche? Yes. Was the twist obvious? Yes. Is it entertaining? Yes. Is it annoying and angst filled? No. And that's surprisingly hard to find these days.
Reminded me of The Girl of Fire and Thorns.

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"Someday we will be more than words in the dark. "

I rarely read high-fantasy novels, but Snow Like Ashes really impressed me that I'm really starting to appreciate the beauty of these kind of novels. Snow Like Ashes is a compelling, magic-wielded, action-packed high-fantasy novel which has its own elements of surprise. The storyline really piqued my full interest as I embarked my journey to this book.

There are eight kingdoms in the world of Snow Like Ashes but it didn't confuse me and I quite easily understand them with the help of Meira's (the main character) very good detailing and narrative, thus, making the world clear to me. The characters are distinct and I can feel the emotion, the desperation in them (especially in Meira), to prove their worth and to show what they really want to be, who really they are. There is a love triangle, but don't fret 'cause I didn't find it annoying and it didn't slay the plot. At first, I felt sad about this but as I read on, it made sense and again, it wasn't annoying. (I actually liked it. lol)

Nevertheless, Snow Like Ashes has the same vibe with Throne of Glass but I like more the magic conjured in this book, in terms of how it has been introduced and circulated in the story. Actually, it amazed me when it has been explained because everything prior to what Meira (the main character) has been experienced, really makes sense.

All in all, it was amazing and I really loved how the story has been told.

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I was totally underwhelmed by this one. The majority of reviews were extremely positive so I was eager to get stuck in, however I was sorely dissapointed.... and I still don't get how the 'Ashes' part of the title comes into it all (Though this may be the result of some major skim-reading)

My main issue was with how unrealistically the characters behaved, they just didn't seem natural. I mean the scene with all the Winter refugees getting angry at Meira over flower arrangements - ridiculous! And how she was able to so casually walk into the king's study and conveniently find a letter that revealed *spoiler* - ridiculous!!

I found almost everything in this book unconvincing. Meira annoyed the heck out of me, Theron and Mather were boring, Sir's behaviour didn't make any sense to me. I couldn't get any feel for the size of Pragalia or whatever it's called.

AND the amount of times Meira sees Mather or Sir say something to the other only to get an angry reaction seems like really poor writing to me; what's the point!

The Author does use some nice description though...

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i found this to be an enjoyable read, but, I am not going to read the next part of this trilogy anytime soon. while reading, I often caught myself flipping ahead through the pages to check how much is left of the chapter.

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Even though I guessed the big plot twist before I'd read as much as 20 pages, and I didn't enjoy the book as I wanted to the first half, I ended up really liking this book. I'm interested to see how this series will progress.

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Warning: Contains spoilers and some badly veiled ranting

Well, after all that reading, I am left feeling... kind of discontented. Everything seemed to build to this beautiful breaking point, then when the actual act of resolve happened, it was over in a breeze. It felt like it never happened. I read it a few times over, making sure I didn't miss something. But no, there was nothing more.

Firstly, the plot. A nice basis. A kingdom of Winter taken over by Spring. An orphaned girl turned queen and the venture to saving her countrymen. Nothing too elaborate. Nothing too out of the ordinary as far as fantasy novels go.

Next we have the characters. I'm just going to say that the character of Meira wasn't one of my favorites to ever be conjured by an author. Her personality seemed to fluctuate and lose parts and gain others sporadically, as if the author couldn't decide if she wanted a fierce girl or a blushing damsel. So she simply combined them when she wanted. It was a bit ridiculous. And Meira was so indecisive. She would make a life changing revelation on one page and then change her mind the next. Then she'd go into all this speak of selfishness and how she should work on that, promises of not being selfish anymore, and then going on and being completely selfish. Not exactly the kind of queen I would want. I'm not trying to be harsh, but the development could have been a bit more clear. Sir's character was the most well rounded and realistic. His struggles were clear and able to be empathized with.

Then we have the love interests. I don't mind love triangles, for the most part. But this one felt so forced. Theron was a lovely prince, very just and supportive and all around likable. I'd say he was my favorite because that's just how likable he was. But I could see how people would be able to dislike him for being so likable. There's nothing wrong with him. His only fault is that he has little interest in being king, which isn't really a fault at all. It's more of an endearing point. The other boy was Mather, the childhood friend of Meira. From the beginning her interest in him was apparent. In my opinion, it was too much, but I suppose if you have nothing to do all day other than spar with your male counterpart that happens to be your age, it's hard to not fall for him. But it would seem that the boys' personalities would warp when in each others presence to conform to the needs of the author, the same as with Meira.

Nearly every other character was bland. I didn't care about a single one of them. Not a one. Not the poor Winterians slaving away in work camps and not the group of refuges. They could have all died and I wouldn't have cared because none of them were developed to the point in which I cared.

The lore was meh. It was all unrealistic with everything that happened being chalked up to magic. "Oh, I saved that guy? How?" Magic. "But... That doesn't make sen-" Magic. We don't know the limits of the magic, all we know is that it is magic and magic is magic. Also, why do all the people from certain Seasons have the same color scheme? Do they not breed with people from the other kingdoms? Why do the Conduit's only affect the people of their respective kingdom? Why are there four kingdoms of Seasons that each get a season for all time while the Rhythm kingdoms get four cycling seasons? How do the people in Winter get food? They can't grow things, can they? It doesn't make any sense to me. But I suppose, uhm, magic?

The writing was simple. Nothing too great about it. The symbolism was thrown in your face a million times and it got old. I get the spring was in darkness, okay? Please stop telling me every time you move throughout the castle.

Overall, I can't really remember what I liked about this book. I didn't feel any heartwarming feelings. I didn't feel much of anything other than annoyance at the conveniences that kept falling upon the characters. If I had to sum it all up into one word, I'd say: bland. It needed some seasoning! (the irony doesn't fall on me) But it has the right kind of structure and workings of a good book.

Final Rating: 2 of 5

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OK. I'll continue with these.

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I'm glad this series has fans, but I found it to be the same old, same old. We have yet another special snowflake with the makings of an insta-love triangle (although I'm not buying that 1. Theron and Meira could even know each other enough to be in love and 2. Mather even feels that way toward Meira, sorry-it didn't come through.) There is a mostly unexplained, one dimensional big bad. There are all of these rules for magic that the reader has to accept and then watch as they unwrite themselves (I find this a common trope in high fantasy anyway).

Chapter 12 is the YA straight girl equivalent to a fan service spread in a manga chapter.
I did love the line on pg 235, "Spring is coming" HA!
I liked the gypsy feel of the beginning of the story.

I really liked this: "Is it possible? To be both what Winter needs and what I want? Instead of fighting for ONLY what I want, or surrendering to ONLY what Winter needs, to find a balance between the two?" pg 192
How refreshing to see such a level of maturity in a pretty stock character.
Bonus points too for not shoving it down our throats how attractive Meira is. \

I don't care enough to continue the series, but I'm glad it's finding readers. It's a little Game of Thrones-lite for my taste.