How to Find a Bird, by Jennifer Ward, Diana Sudyka

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Mesmerizing art and text, demonstrating how much the natural world can entertain and charm! Learn about how to bird-watch, and enjoy follow-up activities appended to the text. One of my new favorite nature books for kids (and their parents)!

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Nonfiction picture book.  Two young children, a boy that appears to be Black and a girl that appears to be White, set out to find birds all around them.  If you ask young children where to find a bird, they will probably say up, in the sky. But this book shows that books can be on the ground, in trees, on and under water, and of course in the sky.  The illustrations use a darker color palette than many children's books but the beauty and variety of birds shines through.  All birds are labeled in a way that does not detract from the other text.  Back matter includes tips on bird watching and bird counting.  This would pair nicely with [book:Bird Count|43272363] to introduce an even greater variety of birds.

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Cute book showing some kids out looking for birds. They can be in the sky, on the ground, under water, in a tree. The backmatter has more advice for bird watching and then some resources for bird watch days and stuff.

I'm not sure it makes it all the way over the line from picture book to nonfiction picture book.

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This preschool-friendly picture book explores the basics of bird watching. There are many ways to find a bird, such as offering seeds. Sometimes you may need to blend in, such as near a pond. Being very quiet is also key. Birds aren’t just flying in the sky, they are also down on the ground foraging. Birds also eat, swim and wade in the water. Sometimes it can take having good eyes to detect a hidden bird. And of course, looking up at telephone wires and trees is a good idea too. Putting up feeders and bird houses helps and lets you watch birds right from your window. But the best way of all to find a bird is to close your eyes and listen for their song.

Told in the simple language, this picture book invites readers to enter nature and look for birds. With various birds on the pages, the book offers examples of different birds and their habitats. The text is encouraging, showing readers how easy it is to find birds all around them and become a bird watcher themselves. The author’s note at the end of the book offers more tips for bird watching, encouraging using a field guide and creating your own list of birds you have spotted. It also mentions becoming a Citizen Scientist and helping with bird counts.

The illustrations are key in this book, showing various birds on the pages nicely labeled. The images are bold and colorful, filled at times with a myriad of birds and other times with birds the reader must spot. The pictures invite conversation and discovery.

A merry introduction to birds and bird watching just right for preschoolers. Appropriate for ages 3-5.