Cathy's Ring, by Cathy Brigg, Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman

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I finished this book two days ago: it's not too good, I suggest it to the very young adults. It's the epilogue of Cathy's adventures but I found it boring. The previous two volumes were intriguing but this one is really simple and the characters seems stupid puppets! The only good thing is when Victor sacrifices himself for Cathy and their relationship. Well, finally, I don't suggest it.

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Rating: 2.5-3 stars.

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Cathy the Insomniac is puddling around the house late at night when she hears faint noises coming from outside. After hiding out in the bathtub like a horror movie reject, she scouts the exterior and finds three dead bodies propped up like broken puppets beneath her window.

Cathy, her loyal friends, their family and Jewel have become extraordinarily popular by being added to a hit list. Cathy's plan is to run away but that plan was zilched before it even began. The gang gets together to make a plan because the stakes are high and all their lives are on the line.

Without the first two books in this series, I'm sure I wouldn't love this one as much as I do. I love this book! Perhaps it was a good thing that I decided to have a Cathy read-a-thon and had such a funky reaction to Cathy's Key. The middle book is a good transition piece from being a journal-like adventure book to a more generic novel format. All the things that I didn't really like in Cathy's Key has been more than surpassed in Cathy's Ring. The only thing missing in book 3 are paper objects to take out of the pocket & play with as I read the story. You do get a cute ring and very cool poster of Cathy & Victor.

Get the HARDBACK copies of this series! Really! This series cannot be translated to an ebook format that will be as fun and interactive.

The writing in Cathy's Ring is great! I love the story, all the characters have a moment to shine, the action is brutally efficient, there are lots of creative fun doodles everywhere, a promise of happily ever and a conclusion that doesn't tie all the knots but leaves me feeling very satisfied.

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I really liked Cathy’s Ring, although there were some parts that I found to be a bit weird. I soon got over that.

I really enjoyed the story line. It is a very unique one and it’s quite interesting. There were a couple of surprises in this book which I really liked.

This is yet another interactive book but I felt that it wasn’t as interactive as the previous two books which isn’t so bad because you can enjoy the book just fine without the interactive stuff.The characters were all pretty cool. I really like Cathy because she is such a strange person, she just acts so oddly at times. One person I didn’t really like much was Jewel.

Overall, I quite liked reading Cathy’s Ring. It was entertaining and funny. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes mystery, and I would suggest reading the other two books in the series first.

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I enjoyed this sequel to Cathy's Key more than I thought I would, perhaps because a lot of time has passed since I read Cathy's Key. Occasionally I found Cathy an annoying character here, but overall I enjoyed reading the book. I also liked the expanded cast of characters, and the few moments where we get to see Jun. She's a very interesting one.

Also, I'd like to say again that I feel that this series dealt with the subject of immortality a lot better than Twilight. I'm not sure if I think this because Twilight did it so badly or because this series did it well. Reading this book, though, I realized that Victor's immortality reminds me a lot of Jack Harkness's immortality in the show Torchwood.

Which brings me to one conversation that Cathy and Victor have where (and I suppose these are minor spoilers) he says that he may not look like an adult but he is one - he's a grown up, he's a whole lot older than her, and she's older than eighteen. I'm really glad this subject was addressed, although it's really making me think. Why did Victor fall in love with Cathy? Is that really believable? I don't know. But at least these questions aren't just ignored.

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The latest installment of this series is definitely the best one yet. I personally liked it a lot more than the other two because it had a ton of action and suspense throughout the entire novel.

The characters were better written. They provoked more emotions from me - sympathy, excitement, etc. For the other two, I felt like an outsider looking in to the story. However, for Cathy's Ring, I actually felt as if I was in the plot facing the things that Cathy faced.

Jun is probably the one character that I had a totally different feeling about. At first, in the first novel, I thought she was someone who did everything her father told her to - a goody-two shoe. However, in this novel, I realize that she actually has her own set of morals and that she would do everything she can try to set things right even if it means killing her father or making him mortal. This really surprised me and allowed me to have some sort of respect towards her.

Cathy, as always, still remains a selfish brat but she tones down a lot in this book because she finally realized what a selfish girl she is. But the one thing that irked me is that she never figured it out until her best friend basically shoved the fact in to her face. It just makes me want to shake her in frustration at her stupidity in not figuring anything important out.

The ending was not the greatest but at least it wrapped [most:] things up.

Overall, Cathy's Ring is pretty interesting and I still like how it's extremely unique.