Break You, by Blake Crouch

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A great novella to bridge the gap between Locked Doors and Stirred, which is the final book in the series. As with the previous two books, Eric Dove did a superb job narrating! Loved it!!

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A disappointing end to a trilogy I was really enjoying. I liked my monster nearly silent and basically unstoppable. There was too much talking and exploring in my opinion. And all of it rushed given the fact that the story is so short. Maybe it'd be retroactively better if I got into Stirred and the rest of that series.

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Not that the book got boring at any point, but this was basically a 20,000 words torture scene and I wish the end to this trilogy was a bit different. I am not contended.

Although, it's a shame to rate Crouch's book 3 star, because he is my favorite. So one extra star for partiality.

froggye9dcc's review

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I can't believe this is how he ended things.