Mary Shelley Presents: Tales of the Supernatural by Nancy Holder

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This is a really interesting, well-presented mini-collection of comics. The premise is definitely appealing: the ghost of Mary Shelley, accompanied by Frankenstein's creature, presents short classic horror stories written by women. Those women are Elizabeth Gaskell, E. Nesbit, Margaret Strickland, and Amelia B. Edwards - the stated goal is to basically rescue these old stories and re-introduce them to the public. Each of the four comics collected here includes the full text of the featured story as well as a graphic adaptation of that story; the adaptations are not strictly faithful, but that only makes them more interesting and avoids being overly repetitive. There's a strong emphasis on ghosts, but shapeshifters get a look in too, and the final story, more a novella, is only barely supernatural, with that aspect played up significantly in the adaptation.

The stories are good creepy fun, particularly Gaskell's and Nesbit's, though in all cases I think I prefer the graphic adaptations. They tend to be punchier, and the art is very attractive. I hope this series keeps going, as I'd love to read more of it.