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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

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adventurous dark mysterious tense fast-paced


 I don't know how to feel about this book so I'm going to give you my thoughts:
- Robert Langdon: A likeable character
- Sophie Niveau: She a badass
-How It kept me reading: it was very thrilling
- Teabing; His plottwist is unexpected and lose all care for his character
-The ending: No idea why, maybe I am just to stupid to understand
-The bisschop and Silas: I could not sympathise with them at all, eventhough the book tried to make me feel sorry for them. I understand their motivations, but they didn't deserve redemption.
Fache: I thought I understood him at first, but at some point he starts doing things diffenrently and I don't know why. Like I don't understand why he changed motivations.
The mystery itself: If you read the book, you understand why it is so controversial. I don't know how to feel about that aspect of it. But if it where not that controversial I think I would have liked it.

I give the book 3.5 star, this may change in the oncoming future.

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