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Part 2 of my reread of Marvel’s Civil War event

- pretty great summation of Tony trying to combat the SHRA before it gets passed

- Some okay spider-manning here

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Annnnnnd they're off to Washington! On the plane, Tony tells Peter about the Superhuman Registration Act. At first Peter thinks the idea is nuts and worries about the information being leaked or falling into the wrong hands. Tony Says that he's going to try to talk them out of it. Once in Washington, in front of the court, Peter trie to explain why this Act is a terrible idea. But the court takes what he's saying and twists in in favor of the Act. Tony tries to take another approach, but with a similar outcome.

Favorite lines:
"You should read it before we land."-Tony Stark
"You're kidding right? This is heavier than the last Harry Potter novel. It's be faster to wait for the movie to come out." -Peter Parker