A Throne of Swans, by Katharine Corr

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I recieved a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I've been saying there aren't enough Swan Lake retellings for a while, so I was thrilled when I was approved for this. It turned out to be everything I wanted. The writing was beautiful and captivating, there were so many twists and turns, some obvious and some not so, and I just loved the characters.

There were 2 negatives I found though. Aderyn refused to listen to anyone, or accept help when offered, and she wouldn't have got into half the situations she did if she would have done either of these things. Second was certain events toward the end skeeved me out. I won't say what they were because they're both pretty big plot twists, but gross.

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A Throne of Swans is a dark glittering fantasy loosely inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. We follow Aderyn on her journey to find the truth behind her mothers murder and her navigation of the dangerous royal court. Aderyn soon realises that she’ll need to keep her friends close and her enemies closer.

I loved Aderyns character for her bravery and loyalty to those she loves, even her silly moments are forgivable when I remember her age. Her various love interests play a driving force throughout the novel and I found myself pleasantly surprised by the non cliche ending.

The story moves at a strong pace and I managed to finish it in under a week which isn’t bad when that week was Christmas. Further, the numerous plot twists and deceptive characters kept me highly entertained as we learn not to trust what characters say and instead observe what they do.

If you’re a fan of The Red Queen and The Cruel Prince I believe you would find enjoyment in this story. I would love to read your thoughts if you read this book too!

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First of all cover? Beautiful amazing talented! Barbie Swan Lake vibes? Hell yeah! But I--

This book was enjoyable enough but I think it was just a bit too predictable/tropey to really do it for me, I agree with some of the other reviews that Aderyn isn't really super involved in the tea she's just telling people to do things or like having things happen to her a lot of the time. Like when she went down into the town and a bunch of flightless people died and then nothing really happened about that ever again? And there was background noise of how other kingdoms were treating the flightless like trash and even her servant-friend mentions it but it's kind of just acknowledged and then done away with until it can be used again to prove Aderyn is Good. Her overcoming her past to be a swan again was nice and how she's sacrificing herself for her kingdom etc. but so much could have been solved if she just wasn't so dumb? Like by the time she had met Siegfried she had been at court for a few weeks, knew how people already were not vibing her and were just trying to get her kingdom but suddenly this Chad shows up and she just is like yeah sure entrust him with my greatest secret he already knows about?? Sure! Why not my dude!! Especially because this would be a massive power he has over her, and she obviously recognises that because she doesn't tell people about her condition lightly. Also a few of the political things that were happening were never mentioned really again (like members of the Convocation were accused of treason and things just continued on) - maybe in future books this will be relevant? But it seemed things were happening just to happen rather than being like a clear chain. The tension with Lucien was so strange to me too.

Some of the writing also felt clunky at times (I think it was cause everyone talked in that real formal way) and I found myself having to go back over things a couple of times to work out what was happening. I did like Aron and Odette - their relationship as siblings seemed nice and they were good companions: Aron understood her being flightless, Odette vibed with the whole "you're a girl and you gotta marry for the kingdom" thing.

Oh also everyone in this book is related??? And it's openly acknowledged and people hook up etc??? And the only time it's weird is when it's the two evil characters but for everyone else it's chill? I get court life etc it happens but their relationships were just made clear so often (family tree in the front!!) that I couldn't even pretend to overlook what was happening. I also don't know if I missed like a crucial sentence but I was very confused about why the shapeshifters burned non shapeshifters, and why when she was saving Lucien she was like a swan Transformer like attacking ppl I just kind of thought they were swans and Assorted Birds I didn't realise it like gave them warrior stats

big birds? um child anyway so...I just feel this could have been so cool and like fairytale vibes but it just didn't quite get there for me :(

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I'll be honest. I only picked this up because the cover is STUNNING and bookdepo had it at a discounted price. I did NOT expect to love this book so much??? Ordered the sequel halfway through and I'm literally counting down the days until it arrives.

This book gave me major game of thrones vibes and I was LIVING for it. I'm absolutely in LOVE with Aderyn who is such a badass, despite being frustrating at times. But then again, given the sheltered life she lived, she exceeded all the expectations I had for her. I went into this expecting a spoilt, selfish girl but instead I got this brave, reckless, heroine who's willing to die to protect her dominion.

And the romance, despite only kicking in at the middle/towards the end (the two main characters spend an absurd amount of time pining for each other and the slowburn was killing me), had me swooning and squealing. If Aderyn and Lucien don't end up together I'll riot istg.

I'll admit, a few aspects of the book were slightly predictable and while I did enjoy having my predictions come true, there also were turns where I was shocked beyond words and had to shut the book to comprehend what just happened lmao.

The ending was INSANE and I did NOT see it coming at all??? I have a lot of questions which I hope "A Crown of Talons" answers. Best impulse buy ever!

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The start of the book was fine: strong female character who doesn't care about what other people say and would do anything for Atarys, even if it involves confronting the trauma. Then comes in the grooming, manipulative good looking man and she's wooed. I'll give her credit for being aware of it but she did nothing to use it as an advantage.

I don't even like the main love interest: Lucien. He's an insecure man who doesn't know how to address his own feelings and resorts to being mean for no reason. Then suddenly bam he gets over it and they love each other. Excuse me but no.

And I get now why this book is so underrated: It's the incest.

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adventurous emotional mysterious relaxing medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? N/A
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? N/A
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


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A Throne of Swans: 4.25 Stars
[7.41 - Amazing]

I adored this book. It drew me in from the first minute (I listened to the audio) and kept me enthralled the entire time. The characters, the world and the political intrigue were simply great.
I cannot wait for book 2. (luckily I won't have to for long)
Aaron - again I only had he audio he may be written veryyy differently - was the most intriguing character to me. Potentially because we got disability and lgbtqiap+ rep through him.
Let's see where these characters go in book 2 ♥

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Was confused at the start but eventually loved this book

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A Throne of Swans follows Aderyn, an eighteen year old royal tasked with protecting Atratys, a place where all nobles can transform into different birds. Unfortunately Aderyn herself is unable to transform, after being traumatised by watching her mother mauled to death by hawks a few years prior.

Honestly, I had pretty high expectations of this book after reading some other reviews and from hearing about the authors’ other novels. However, I was slightly disappointed. The characters and plot seemed rather average and predictable – nothing really compelled me to keep reading on because I felt like I knew exactly what was going to happen, and I didn’t really feel attached to any of the characters because they all seemed so distant and lacked much depth.

Although it seems as if the main character is trying to be portrayed as strong and independent, she seems rather impressionable and had to be ‘saved’ multiple times by all of the potential love interests. She also felt a little young for an 18 year old? Some of her thought processes were just plain stupid and impulsive making her seem much younger than stated. With that being said, there is evident character development and she does become more confident and self aware as you progress through the story.

The ‘villain’ of the story was pretty blatant from the start, which was a bit of a let down, as it wasn’t really a twist or a shock when they were ‘revealed’. Also, it was quite an abrupt turn in the book, because Aderyn went from being really close with them to absolutely hate their guts without much of a strong reason, which was quite jarring.

I feel that the synopsis of this book was slightly misleading: very little regarding the attack on Aderyn’s mother is actually revealed, with the majority of the plot being about how Aderyn is going to find out what happened, without her actually discovering anything of much use.

There were a few subplots that held my attention more than the main plot, which is probably the only reason I kept reading until the end of this book. These were far more interesting additions that actually resulted in some answers.