Noise, by Darin Bradley

timbooksin's review against another edition

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Nope. Pass. Tried to do too much and go deeper than it could for what it was.

icameheretoread's review

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A lot of thought went into this novel. I really did not like any of the characters, but to be fair, we were meeting them after a world ending event. I love the manifesto style of book within a book that shapes the story. I do wonder if there will be sequel, because the entire story is only two?three? days in the life of this group. I found Mary very interesting, Levi and Hiram had years to prepare for the event, Mary had minutes-and took to it like a duck to water.
I had some trouble keeping everyone's names straight, but I got into this and read it all in one shot. I think it is a must read for anyone who loves end of the world fiction.

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Unlike any other "apocalyptic fiction" book I've read. In a unique, fresh choice, Noise details the events almost immediately after the collapse of society. The advice dispensed is sound, the actions and choices of the characters feel like they really have an impact, and the whole book is a breeze to get through.

pagesandpints's review against another edition

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This reads like a manual for military tactics. Definitely not my cup of tea.