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Babylon's Ashes, by James S.A. Corey

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adventurous dark emotional tense medium-paced
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes


Back to The Expanse after a brief break! I was glad that, with book 6, we returned to a more normal setup and tone. The biggest complaint I had about this story was that there were too many narrators; especially when we had characters only given one or two chapters in the whole book, it felt a bit clumsy. I am aware of my personal bias re: Prax (in that I don't like him) but the storyline he was given was a one-off that didn't come back with any payoff. Additionally, I think the main information there
Spoiler(him getting the yeast strain out to Earth, Mars, Luna, etc.)
could have been woven into another character's POV chapters if done well.  The updates from Medina Station would have been more difficult to do that way, but in my opinion, the POV characters should be people the readers are meant to connect to. When you only get a couple of chapters with someone, there's not really a chance to form emotional ties.

Onto what I liked about this book: Filip. His character growth was perhaps the best of anyone in the series thus far and
Spoilerhim refusing to leave with Marco has the potential to be a serious twist for Naomi & co. down the line
. While Naomi's experiences with Marco were all in the past, seeing Filip live the same thing she had firsthand was a lot more powerful.

I was also glad to finally get the answer re: the mysterious disappearing ships—we waited long enough for that one! At the same time, it's only a half-answer and I hope we get to dig into that more in the next book rather than a story that's Ilus, part II.

Unlike the other books, I didn't feel Babylon's Ashes left off with as big a teaser for the next so I'm not quite sure what to expect.  The main conflict was pretty well wrapped up by the end of the story and even the big questions that carried over from previous books had been answered. I will be interested to see where they take the story next.

Recommend? Yes. A solid installment of The Expanse.

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