Finding Mr. Wrong, by Charlie Cochet

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Matthew Hart may seem to have it all as CEO of an incredibly high-end design business, but the reality is far from that. He is lonely, and with the shadow of his first lost love still hanging over him from his boyhood, it is increasingly difficult for him to find anyone to measure up to that boy he still bears a torch for from so long ago. But the reality is Jax broke his heart the day he up and disappeared, leaving Matthew to question if Jax ever truly felt anything for him at all.

All his life, Jax has been picking up after his debt-ridden, gambling addicted father. Sure, his dad has a good heart, but telling that to the mobsters out for his father’s blood and last cent is not easy or effective. Now, on the cusp of a life-changing job that also brings Matthew back into Jax’s life, his dad once more has gambled away every cent they have. But this time Jax has more to lose by running away again, for he has Matthew to consider, and after finally coming clean about his disappearance, it looks as though the two men have a second chance. However, someone is not happy over them finding each other once more, and the result could be deadly for them both.

Finding Mr. Wrong had everything going for it to make it a wonderfully sweet romance about second chances. Both Matthew and Jax were incredibly likeable and believable characters, and the circumstances surrounding their absence from each other over the years made for some thrilling action that helped this story move swiftly. Their chemistry was undeniable and made this couple one of my favorites almost immediately. I really liked this story, until the very end when two different plot points literally threw me for a loop.

Without spoiling this story by going into too much detail, the first strange moment was the reaction by Matthew’s assistant to the mob guy who Jax called on for help. Doing a complete three-sixty, emotionally, Matthew’s assistant went from spitting mad and hating the enforcer to falling into his arms. It literally made my head spin. It felt so forced and seemed to indicate that the author might be toying with creating a sequel featuring these two guys, but what an incredibly contrived and awkward way to signal that, if indeed that was the intent at all.

The second had to do with the revelation of who was behind the life threatening accidents that befell Matthew. First, it was done at an well attended soiree, at a truly strange moment in the novel, and secondly, when the police arrived it was unclear as to how they managed to appear at just the right moment. Again, it was such a forced solution to this story that I was completely thrown off by it. Here was this well written, lovely romance that had a bit of spice and mystery going for it when, suddenly, these two heavy-handed scenes interfered in a huge way. I was so disappointed by the way the author chose to wrap up the mystery portion of the novel, and felt the ending was a bit of an afterthought after reading the rest of this well-crafted novel.

Although these two scenes really jolted me, I can honestly say I still loved the coupling of Jax and Matthew. They were rather magical together, and their story was delightful to read. In the end, Finding Mr. Wrong was still a sweet romance that just fell a bit short of being a cohesive and believable novel.

Reviewed by Sammy for The Novel Approach

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This was another easy read for me! A bit of mystery (which I had an inkling of at the very beginning, lol), and a second chance at love.

I like Matthew and Adam's relationship! Of course, I like Jax and Matty! I even liked Rai, lol.

The author is very good with descriptions and I love the little quirks she included like Matthew's love for anything lemon! :)

Enjoyable read!

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Charlie Cochet wrote "Hell & High Water" - funny, sexy, pacy.  Maybe this is a different Charlie Cochet?