Monsters Under My Bed, by M.J. Marstens

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Gimme allll the monster stories!

I can 100% say I didn’t know where exactly this story was going to go from the blurbs and teasers I saw, and I’m happy to say it did not let me down! All the signatures of an MJ Marstens story we all know and love. Humor. Plot. And spice!

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adventurous lighthearted mysterious fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Plot
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? No
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? No


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This had a ton of potential but just wasn't executed properly. It's a high fantasy idea, complete with hard to remember names, political hierarchies and social structure, falsely advertised as a quick smutty fantasy romance romp. The problem is that so much was crammed in to roughly 200 pages which should have been spread over 4-600. I get it's a series but the first book contained 3 books worth of information and build up.

It's pegged as smutty reverse harem but has very little of that in the first book or much spice at all since there's so much background story to wade through.

The jumping POVs were confusing because you don't know the monsters well enough to establish the personalities and distinguish the names from one another. Also they go from being these terrifying beings that had the fmc in a psychiatric hospital to jumping to their view points after where they love and adore their mate so much which is just fan service to make you like them.

The story itself reminds me of dozens of others, including Faes Captive, ie the normal girl gets stolen away to a mythical scary land protected by her mate(s) and turns out she's the chosen one or else super powerful and defeats the evil force which is ruling the land and preventing the race from finding their mates etc etc

I don't know, there's probably a good idea here but I'm not sure if I buy it.

2 monster tongues giving self fellatio out of 5 high school boyfriends who wait for your return for 12 damn years

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MJ understood the assignment!!!!

This is the Monster/Breeding book we all deserved and it's not a standalone. My heart is so happy.

This book was spicy and had me fanning myself and the monster's are exquisite.

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Story 3*, but I Added a Star for the Artwork

IT STARTED OFF SO GOOD! I fell in love with the idea that the monsters under her bed wanted her for reasons other than to fill their scare meters (haha). That the boogeymen had even followed her to another country, really showed their determination to keep tabs on her.

After a general setup though, the story felt super rushed. I wouldn’t have minded the spicy scenes to last a bit longer, and I wished there had been more character development. It seemed like variations of “people change in twelve years” was dropped quite often. With as much time hopping that happened between flashbacks and journal entries, it may have been better to have those moments play out rather than just explained.

Lexie makes it sound like the boogeymen were these horrible creatures, monsters, nightmare fuel, but as the story is told, those descriptions lose traction. She makes it sound like SHES the monster, but, even that thought doesn’t go very far. She’s convinced the town believes she’s crazy, but there’s no real proof of that. It’s all just in her head. Maybe that’s the point? That she can’t trust her own inner dialogue? She can’t trust her own memories? If so, leaning more into that idea would’ve been great.

Also, the best friend character, Roxy, did anyone else feel like she just popped up randomly? Or was she mentioned before the scene when Lexie (The FMC) went into her childhood bedroom and spotted the hoodie/jacket she’d left behind just before she was abducted and I completely missed it?

Overall, not a bad story. It lost me a bit in the last few chapters, but, I did finish it. I’ll add book two to my list to check out once it releases.

I did quite love the drawings inserted into parts. It was a fun surprise. Bonus star for those.

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adventurous dark fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? N/A
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? No


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DNF at 77%

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Well, this was an experience I will not forget anytime soon. Nor will I be forgetting the character art included in the beginning--which will remain fully burned into my retinas forever.

This follows Alexis, a young photographer who left home after an incident involving some demons and the disappearance of her best friend. Alexis has always had nightmares, and those nightmares often included the appearance of three spooky demons that come out from beneath her bed, and are only visible in the dark. When Alexis has to return home to care for her dying father, she must once again face her nightmare demons residing in her childhood home. And this time, things take a sexy turn.

These demons have glowing eyes, shadow powers, and very long tongues. They use said tongues in very creative ways, that's all imma say. This is book one of a trilogy and doesn't quite end on a cliffhanger, more of a tee-up for book 2. I enjoyed this wild, spicy ride a lot, and would definitely recommend it.

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not sure…

I can’t make up my mind about this one. The storyline is different and interesting but I just don’t care enough about the fmc. Or any of the characters if I’m honest. It also switched way to fast from “oh I’m so afraid I need to stay away” to “oh well I’m
Here now I might as well have fun”. I want more character growth.

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Thank you again MJ Marstens for giving me this ARC since I’ve been wanting to read this for awhile