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Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism, by Amanda Montell

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challenging dark informative reflective medium-paced


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katie_brauer's review against another edition

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adventurous challenging dark funny hopeful informative mysterious reflective medium-paced


i really liked this for what it was. i think i was really wanting it to take a turn into abolition and land back ideologies, but the point of the book is to study language, and i really appreciated the different ways it connected so many topics, communities and influences. it reminded me of why i love language so much and does a good job of avoiding shaming anyone who has ended up in any cultish community, whether it’s scientology or a spiritual wellness instagram page. she also doesn’t shy away from the influence of colonization and white supremacy in culturally adopted language, though i would have liked it if she delved into it more. granted, it would make the book significantly longer, but still something worth the time. absolutely worth the read/listen - especially if you love rhetoric studies, linguistic anth, and tracing the inseparable protestant influence (dear gators) on american culture like i do. 

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caseythereader's review

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dark emotional funny informative reflective medium-paced


 - CULTISH is a fascinating examination not only of what constitutes a cult in the modern world, but how these groups (whether technically a cult or not) use language to build their own worlds, draw people in, and keep them there.
- Particularly, the emphasis on the fact that someone getting tangled up in fringe religious groups or MLMs isn't necessarily a sign of stupidity or gullibility, rather that these organizations have carefully calibrated their pitches to bring in the most driven, committed people. 

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