Snagged by Carol Higgins Clark

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I'm not entirely sure what it is about these books that kind of irritates me, but I think it might be Regan and her sarcastic internal monologues. I love sarcasm, but hers just grates my nerves, moreso in "Snagged" than in "Decked," and I'm just not sure I want to go on with this series. All the other reviews I've read sy the series gets better as it goes along and I must say I enjoyed 2010's "Wrecked," quite a bit more than I'm liking this one.

Regan Reilly I find to be kind of annoying and this story feels, dated, and like it just hovers around on the surface. The whole story doesn't quite gel. If the series doesn't get any better, I might have to abandon it, but I'm willing to give it another shot.

(If this review seems familiar, that's because I had a goodreads account before that I'm copying my previous reviews from. Why did I create a new account, you ask? Well, because when I logged out of that account and then logged back in, I find that that account appears not be linked to any of my known email addresses, so I'm starting over from scratch!)

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It's a disservice to call Snagged a Mary Higgins Clark book, but I'm struggling to conjure up a dissimilar phrase. Where the tone of the mother's books is serious, angsty, and harrowing, the tone of Carol Higgins Clark's Snagged, is playful.

Here we have the main character Regan Reilley who is in Miami for a wedding, and her adventures begin when she meets Uncle Richie, who needs protection from an unknown adversary. Regan provides that when she can. In fact she rescues Richie a lot of times, methinks.

The spin of the book is that the villain is tragicomic and we are meant to experience glee at her various failures in marshaling her resources. This book is worth reading. Supporting characters such as Regan's parents, Luke and Nora, add to the pleasant mix. The resulting book is much fun to read. I can see myself re reading Snagged again.

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I realized as I was reading Snagged that I had started reading this book once before. I don't remember ever finishing the book the last time and I don't know why. I believe it had belonged to someone else and I think I had just picked it up and started reading it at my old job a few years ago. Now that I have my own copy I was able to read it through.

Snagged is number 2 in the Reagan Riley mystery series. When I read this one I didn't feel that you needed to read the first one prior to reading the next one. They are not as a true series just that the main character is always Reagan Riley as the detective. In Snagged you also have the supporting cast of her mother, Nora, who is an author of mysteries, her father Luke, who is a mortician, Richie Blossom who is Reagan's Uncle.

Snagged is about Richie and his newest invention of the perfect pantyhose (now if only this was true!!) His pantyhose are run proof, snag proof, fit perfectly with out bagging at the ankles etc. You name it these hose are what every women dreams of owning and the pantyhose industries worst nightmare. The story takes place in Florida, There is a pantyhose convention and a mortician convention going on at the same time. Richie is trying to sell his pantyhose to save his retirement home the Fourth Quarter. So when Reagan and Richie are almost run over while crossing the street Reagan begins to think that someone is out to kill Richie so that he can't sell his pantyhose to the highest bidder.

I found the book very interesting and easy to follow. The story is well written and very engaging that I felt myself getting excited and nervous at the right moments. I will be picking up more books written my Carol Higgins Clark.

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A fun, quick read.