Between Starfalls by S. Kaeth

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A strong book, enjoyed the MC and her arc. Was a big fan of the way the world was described and articulated.

The story itself, wasn't fully to my taste, it was quite linear and I like a few more twists and turns, but undeniable that the book is very well written

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adventurous slow-paced


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I really enjoyed this one, though it took me longer than usual to finish. It's smart, introducing names and customs slowly, but putting together a well rounded world.

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This fantasy novel has incredibly complex world-building that incorporates familiar roles (healer, psion) and animals (pegasi) within a framework of unique races, societal mores and ritualistic beliefs that are not explained in detail, but must be picked up on the fly as the plot unfolds.

The main character is Kaemada – a mother seeking her missing son – and the story follows her and her family-bonded allies as they leave their prescribed path and enter a hidden domain ruled by a different and potentially hostile race.

There is so much conflict in the story that I felt a little overwhelmed, as it felt that Kaemada and co. had enough adversity to fill several books here! There are the Darks, the Fallen, the suspicions facing psions, training struggles, political struggles, Eian’s disappearance, capture, the Kamaltan city’s hardships, guards, kings, slavery, injury, sickness, despair… I felt like I was drowning in hopelessness at times, and couldn’t imagine how the characters were struggling on.

I did find that once the characters were separated and the plot followed their separate trials, the story became much easier to engage with in that respect, and from that point on I was hooked in to the characters and their plights.

And there absolutely HAS to be a Book 2 (there is!) because there is no way the story can end where it does for these heroes, after all they have suffered. There MUST be some form of justice and restitution for the end of this epic story arc!

Review by Steph Warren of Bookshine and Readbows blog

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One of my favorite books this year!

Reading experience: reading experience

“We must draw on all our skills to succeed, even those frowned upon,” says Takiyah in Between Starfalls and since I could not find the words to start this review in spite of all my notes and quotes, I called upon one of my favorite characters to start it for me. There is so much to write about and I will not be able to touch on everything. I will make a quick honorary mention here to the terrifying angels in the book and the fact that people have magical powers, including those of telekinesis and reading others’ minds. Though the powers play an important role in the story, they aren’t the focus of this Fantasy. And that is one of my favorite things about this book!

Between Starfalls is a story that tugs at the heart strings. A missing child, imprisonment, one’s feeling of inadequacy… these are all tough themes to confront, and harder ones to write well. Just thinking about them can swell us with emotions but to be able to portray them in a manner that it leads to tears (yes, that happened a couple times, and my book is fine), in my mind, speaks to immersive storytelling. Every Point Of View added to the story.

At the end of the book, there is also a glossary of terms and people. I referred to this a number of times during the first half of the book, as I adjusted to my new world.

Overall, I LOVED this book and look forward to rereading it. It is a story close to my heart. I impatiently await book 2, which is in beta reading stage at time of writing this!

Check out my full review and author interview on Armed with A Book.

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adventurous dark emotional medium-paced


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challenging dark emotional hopeful mysterious sad tense slow-paced


A group of adventuring friends try to rescue a child and find themselves separated and trapped in a land thought lost to legend. They'll face hardships and question everything they knew about themselves in order to survive.
The characters are at their strongest and most engaging when they are apart, trying to survive a society they don't understand where failure can lead to their deaths.  The world-building between the different cultures is also intricate and made me want to learn more! The beginning setup is a bit slow, and the end tied more into the beginning than anything the characters faced in the bulk of the book, but everything in between was engaging and page-turning.