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challenging dark reflective sad fast-paced


Book #7 of the year: “I Never Told Anyone”

It’s not as bad as it looks. Published in the 80s, this compilation of survivor poems and stories was focused on ending the silence and shame around CSA. These women wrote to heal and to reclaim their voices. As a CSA survivor who benefitted greatly from sharing my story and being open about my trauma, I found an unexpected bit of healing in being reminded how far society has come (though not far enough) and that I’m not alone. 

I will say, points deducted for the couple of stories based on hypnosis regression therapy. Again, compiled in the 80s. Some mistakes were made. 

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It was very helpful to read these.

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While the stories in this are okay -- some are hard to read because they lack details or what I percieve as a depth of feeling / emotion (I believe part of this is because of the time period in which these writers were writing) -- this book didn't provide me what I was looking for, which is why I'm rating it low. I also expected more out of a book co-edited by Ellen Bass, because of how useful I found The Courage to Heal.