Dawn of X Vol. 6 by Jonathan Hickman

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Marauders: 4 stars
Always been my favorite issues and now the plot is actually progressing so it was an even better issue

Excalibur: 3.5
I’m glad this arc is finally over since I havent cared for this series at all, but pretty good issue

Fallen angels: 1
I have genuinely zero clue what happened in any of the issues, so glad it’s over now

New mutants: 3.5
I liked it, I’m starting to have faith in this series

X-Force: 5
I loved it, please do more issues that are about a single mission, I wouldn’t even care if it was filler

X-Men: 4

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I’m basically reusing a review across this series, as it seems to hold as things go on. Overall it’s a bunch of highs and lows. Some books are consistently excellent (Marauders, X-Force, Wolverine, and it looks like X-Factor & Hellions will join that group) while some are middling to mediocre (Excalibur being the worst of the lot, plus Cable being so-so, and the main X-Men book varying in quality from one issue to the next). I’m still reading, so the overall whole is quality, and the whole setting that they’ve established is still unique and intriguing. It’s like a house of cards that we know is doomed to fall eventually, it’s just a question of when and how)

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“I want my wife back!”

God I love Mystique. And thank the lord Fallen Angels is over, I dreaded it every time I got to an issue.

Marauders had a particularly good issue here too. “I will live again, only to kill you”

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adventurous challenging dark medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


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adventurous emotional mysterious medium-paced


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2.5 stars rounded up to three. I'm really glad that Fallen Angels is over because it dragged down the rest of the titles, and I'm also cool with Excalibur ending their story-line as well because it was getting a little long in the tooth. I enjoyed this installment in the New Mutants story, but I'm not a fan of the two ongoing story-lines being updated bi-monthly and wish there was more cohesion. Marauders was a little disappointing this time, but that ending is sure to keep me hooked! The best two titles for me have been X-Force, and of course Hickman's own X-Men and I'm still fully bought-in on both of those storylines.

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For the first time in reading this series, I completely skipped one part of the story. This volume features the final issue of [b:Fallen Angels, Vol. 1|51299142|Fallen Angels, Vol. 1|Bryan Edward Hill||72765318] , and I am not sorry to see it go. Each volume I talked about its overly dark art, but the real issue is the story feels empty. I really like Psylocke (formerly Kwannon), and I really like X-23 (formerly Wolverine), and I'm intrigued by the new, younger Cable. But nothing in this story led me to care about any of them.

I also think I've reached the end of my ability to read Excalibur. The Apocalypse portion of story is okay, and I started really reading X-Men in 1990, so I do enjoy the Rogue/Gambit evolution. I just don't care about Albion or Captain Britain lore. Even though Captain Britain (formerly Psylocke, but not the same Psylocke who is formerly Kwannon) is a character I've been invested in over the years, her connection to Excalibur never interested me, and this volume has done little to win me over. The pacing feels off from the other books, the dialog is flat. I'm hoping this is the next series to go.

Another let down in this issue was the X-Men story. I felt like the entire issue contained about five pages of story dragged across twenty-two pages. I liked where it started, and what it reveals about the current status quo, but there was room for much more plot in this issue.

Marauders and New Mutants were both excellent. The Hellfire Club/Krakoan Council angle doesn't seem like something that would hold my attention but [a:Gerry Duggan|594966|Gerry Duggan|] is absolutely nailing this book. With every page, I wonder what he's about to do next. And the New Mutants mix of brand new characters, Morrison-era characters, and Boom-Boom (who really doesn't belong to a particular X-era) is just fun to watch evolve. I feel like we're going to be focused back on the space storyline next issue, and that's also been a blast.

I do still recommend this series for people who want to get a handle on the new X-Men status quo but it is waning in quality, and I don't have especially high hopes for the debut of the Wolverine title in the next volume.

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adventurous dark mysterious fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? No


This was a mixed bag of segments, most entertaining, with a couple of duds. The Fallen Angels ended on a vague and unsatisfying note, left too many things unanswered. The New Mutants segment was back to the B-team in Nebraska. Boring. The Marauders segment was the best part, although the cliffhanger with Kitty Pryde was not nice. On X-Force, we begin to see the formation of the dark side of Hank McCoy (aka The Dark Beast), as he twists and turns his morals and reasoning to satisfy his quest for knowledge and security for Krakoa.

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Give me back my wife!!!

Marauders, Excalibur, and X-Men are the most compelling to me at this point in the story, and 50% of the titles being this good is not a bad bar for X-office titles

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Maruaders #6

I luff you, forever, Lockheed.

I love the importance of the Jewish references the entire first half of Kitty's narration and speech is aaaaallll about. I will always be here for Ororo and Kitty working together.

even though I'm not really worried?

Excalibur #6

Well. That's a cover.

I appreciate we're having a conversation here where a woman doesn't want to have a baby just because a] it's not possible and b] other people might want her to, and that realizing she could was what made her realize she didn't actually want on.

Like. Look at them having an adult discussion in their hot tub.

Fallen Angels #6

Welll. That was interesting, and the end to the first of the series that actually ends on this path. But there are so many other new ones starting up I'm not sure that does much.

New Mutants #6

And skipping to two months back, back to Nebraska Plot now, instead of Space Plot.

ttthhaattt's totally not going to come back and bite anyone in the ass. But on the same hand, I like that these children are trying to figure how to use their powers the right way (after truly horrid earlier plots of terror), and not understanding yet the big grey space between "you can't just kill me for killing other people" and "you can't just change someone's memory to make them happy and not sad anymore"

X-Force #6

Hel-lo, prettier Jean art. Watch me cap all this as I go

Not great art, but a super great point here.

... why is this another basically all-but-up-the-skirt full page Jean shot. Stop it.

My pissssssed off princess.

..... Hank? O_o
That's such a last shot. That is. Tell me more.

X-Men #6

Mystique. I do so absolutely ship it forever, love.

Oh, Charles & Erik, I have a good number of problems with your hyper arrogance in this conversation.

"They want us blind for some reason."


End of Volume 6. And with the first main 6 volumes done. I have read all of Dawn X: Building a Nation, vol I. & half of Vol. 2, but there aren't volumes up in in Goodreads yet, so those will be added once they happen to exist.