The Lost Alpha Queen, by Kim Ward

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The Lost Alpha Queen is an RH shifter romance full of mystery and plot twists that’ll keep you guessing what’s going to happen next until the end especially with that cliffhanger! If you love a Heroine who has character development from start to finish with the journey she has to go on which includes finding out all of the secrets to her past while learning who to trust and juggle all of these new relationships, you’ll love Rebekah! Rebekah develops from this girl who just goes along with what ever happens to a strong back boned take no crap women and I loved the development. There’s plenty of mystery and secrets to unfold and of course villains to figure out who they are and what their plans are that you might not see coming. Her men all have a different personality and all mesh well but can be overbearing at times. Rebekah’s guys are in for it though when they realize how strong their mate is and what she won’t take. I can’t wait to see what happens next!