Classic Starts(r) a Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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The Classic Starts version of "A Little Princess" is a book I've read for absolute years. I have no idea when it came into my life, but I know, as a little girl, I read it over and over. I identified so strongly with the main character, Sara, and aspired to be as similar to her as I could be. I suppose she was my Disney Princess.

The tragic, yet magic, tale of Sara Crewe, a little girl who loses her father and her fortune and is forced to work for an awful headmistress as a servant girl is time-honored. Not only do I have lovely memories of the book, but also of the movie starring Shirley Temple as Sara.

It is very obviously an old children's book based off the innocence of the whole story, but I love how all the characters are well-rounded, none of them portrayed as blatantly good or evil. After rereading this abridged version, I cannot wait to read the original.

Also after rereading this, I cannot wait to read it with a daughter of my own one day. It's such a lovely children's book, I hope it never goes forgotten.

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Grade = A+
Congrats! You passed! :)

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3.5 stars. I always want to read classic books, but every time I start one I get bored rather quickly. This was short, sweet and all around a good adaption of a classic. I might look around for more classics from this series.