The Incredible Rockhead Vs Papercut!, by Scott Nickel

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The first book in this series I really did not like at all but with the this, the third in the series, I'm more open to it's appeal for children. I still think Rockhead is a dumb superhero. He smashes things with his head, which turns into a rock, but his head is so heavy he can't move on his own and he needs a push to get started. In this story the villain Papercut is out to get Rockhead and as we all know paper covers rock (in the old game) and Rockhead may just have met his match until a new superhero comes along to help him out. And now it looks like, as in typical superhero tradition, Rockhead will now have a sidekick. Honestly, I'm not too keen on this but kids will probably find it fun especially since the book is set up like a real comic book with fake advertisements to boot! RL: 1.3.