Tales of Mystery and Madness, by Gris Grimly, Edgar Allan Poe

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dark funny tense fast-paced
  • Strong character development? No
  • Loveable characters? No
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


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5/5 stars

Edgar Allan Poe, the king of the gothic and the macabre, is retold is this delightful mini-anthology, featuring illustrations! Since his work stands for its own, I'll only be speaking about the additional touches in this novel.

Gris Grimly breathes new life into 4 classic Poe short stories by adding delightful illustrations to enhance the inherently spooky nature of the stories. Each page is full of doodles and pictures, adding to the plot by giving a visual aid. The illustrations themselves are beautiful and spooky on their own, with color themes of black and grey, as well as deep reds and oranges, connecting each story to the next. The font of the text is altered and made a touch more gothic, as well.

This re-telling was absolutely charming and I highly recommend it to any Poe fan, or just someone wanting to get into the Halloween and spooky spirit!

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Dear space koalas, the illustrations in this were terrifying. I remember picking it up at the library when I was in grade school, thinking, "Hey, I can be all mature and read some proper classics!" BUT THEN THE PICTURES WERE FREAKING TERRIFYING HOLY CRAP, NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE.

Flash-forward to now, I've read three of the stories in other volumes of Poe works (without pictures), and they are relatively uncreepy--unsettling yes, but not creepy. But now that I know the stories, and remember the illustrations, IT'S EVEN MORE TERRIFYING.

I honestly only remember the Black Cat and Usher illustrations, but holy space monkeys (ha!), Hop-Frog was illustrated in this as well (as if the cover isn't bad enough, the WHOLE story?)?? O______O *runs away screaming*

I remembering trying to read this before bed. Not a good idea.

This all being said, I do think it's a good book for both kids and adults. However, if giving it to a kid, make sure that this is not their very first experience with the grotesque. Seriously.

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Maybe it's the translation or maybe the changes that were supposedly made but I enjoyed it a little less than the original text. The illustrations were amazing, though, often even stealing my attention from the words.