Green Arrow Vol. 7: Citizen's Arrest, by Shawna Benson, Julie Benson

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"Green Arrow: End of the Road" is the second to last in the current DC Rebirth GA cycle. As such, it feels transitional and slightly choppy. The book primarily deals with the slippery slope that all vigilante characters must navigate as Oliver is challenged and hunted by The Citizen, a vigilante who shares his aspiration to be a Social Justice Warrior, but is willing to go to far more deadly extremes. The book also segues about a third of the way in to deal with the death of Roy Harper ( AKA , Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow) in the "Heroes in Crisis" story arc, which overwhelms Oliver with grief and anger while causing him to question his past decisions and motivations. All in all this is a good book. It is solidly constructed and entertaining even though the story it tells is not really new or original.

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A noticeable step down from Percy's mostly-cohesive run, but there's still some nice art, fun adventure, and an unexpected emotional punch.